Hot Tub Supplies Guide: Everything You Need for a Blissful Soak

hot tub supplies

If you own a hot tub, you know how wonderful it can be to enjoy a soothing soak after a long day.

However, to fully enjoy your experience, you need to have the right hot tub supplies.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to have a blissful soak, including hot tub essentials, accessories, maintenance tools, and relaxation aids.

Hot Tub Essentials

When it comes to hot tub essentials, there are a few items that you simply can’t do without. These can include a cover, steps, and filters!

A hot tub cover is essential for keeping your hot tub clean and protected from debris. It also helps to keep the water warm and can save you money on heating costs.

When looking for a cover, you’ll want to find one that is:

  • Made from durable materials
  • Can easily withstand the elements
  • Designed specifically for your hot tub model

Steps are also quite important, as they can help you enter and exit your hot tub safely. Look for steps that are sturdy and slip-resistant to help ensure a safe and functional environment.

Filters are another essential hot tub supply. They help to keep your water clean and free of debris, while also helping to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Be sure to clean and replace your filters regularly to ensure that your hot tub stays in top condition.

Hot Tub Accessories

Winter Hot Tub Accessories

In addition to the essentials, there are also a variety of hot tub accessories that can enhance your time in the water. These can include:

  • Waterproof games
  • Cover lifters
  • Floating lights.

Waterproof games are a fun way to enjoy your hot tub with friends and family.

Look for games that are specifically designed for use in water, such as floating board games or waterproof playing cards.

Cover lifters are a great accessory for making it easier to remove and replace your hot tub cover.

They come in a variety of styles, including hydraulic lifters and manual lifters, and can make it much easier to access your hot tub.

Floating lights are another fun accessory that can add ambiance to your hot tub experience.

When choosing your lights, ensure they are specifically designed for use in water. To enhance your spa session even further, consider choosing ones that can change colours or patterns for added visual ambiance.

Hot Tub Maintenance Tools

Cleaning Draining Hot Tub

Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your hot tub in top condition. There are a variety of hot tub maintenance tools that can help you keep your hot tub clean and well-maintained.

Testing kits are essential for ensuring that your hot tub water is properly balanced.

When buying your test kit, find one that can measure pH levels, alkalinity, and chlorine levels, to ensure you get a clear understanding of your water chemistry.

Be sure to test your water regularly and treat it as needed to keep it in balance.

Chemicals are also an important part of hot tub maintenance.

Your chemicals need to be specifically made for hot tubs, and should include items such as:

  • Sanitizer like chlorine or bromine
  • pH up and down
  • Alkalinity increaser
  • Shock

Every time you use your water treatment products, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

Another important tool for hot tub maintenance are skimmer nets.

They help to remove debris from the surface of the water, which can help to prevent clogs and damage to your hot tub’s pump and filter.

Hot Tub Relaxation Aids

There are a variety of hot tub relaxation essentials that can help you fully enjoy your hot tub experience. These can include spa-friendly aromatherapy products, outdoor landscape lighting, and more!

Spa-friendly aromatherapy products are a great way to enhance your hot tub experience.

When using aromatherapy products in your hot tub, it’s important to only use ones that have been designed specifically for hot tubs.

This ensures it’s safe to use in your spa, and won’t cause damage to your system, or contaminate your water.

Outdoor landscape lighting can also help to create a relaxing environment for your hot tub. Look for lighting that is designed for outdoor use and that can be easily installed around your hot tub area.

In addition to these relaxation aids, you may also want to consider adding other features to your hot tub area, such as a gazebo or pergola, to create a more private and relaxing space!

Storage Ideas for Your Backyard Essentials

Having a clutter-free backyard is essential to create a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor space. However, storing backyard essentials and hot tub supplies can be tricky.

Here are some unique backyard storage ideas that can help you keep your outdoor space tidy and organized:

Repurpose a Storage Cabinet

Transform a storage cabinet or dresser into a storage unit for your hot tub towels, chemicals, and other essentials. You can paint it in a fun colour to match your backyard decor.

Build an Outdoor Bar

Construct an outdoor bar with shelves and cabinets to store cups, plates, and other outdoor dinnerware. This will also add a fun element to your backyard.

Use a Storage Ottoman

Incorporate a storage ottoman into your backyard decor to store pool toys, sunscreen, and other small outdoor items. You can even use it as extra seating for guests.

Hang a Pegboard

Install a pegboard on your backyard wall to hang your gardening tools, hot tub accessories, and other essentials.

Create a Hidden Storage Bench

Build a storage bench with a hinged top to store your hot tub cover, towels, and other items out of sight.

These unique backyard storage ideas will not only keep your space organized and clutter-free but also add a decorative element to your backyard.

Shop Hot Tub Supplies at Sun Spa

Having the right hot tub supplies is essential for fully enjoying your hot tub experience.

Whether you’re looking for essentials or fun accessories, there are a variety of supplies available to help you create the perfect hot tub environment.

Better yet, with the right relaxation aids like spa-friendly aromatherapy products and outdoor landscape lighting, you can take your hot tub experience to the next level!

For the best selection of hot tub supplies in Calgary, visit our team of experts at Sun Spa today! We have a wide selection of essentials to help you maximize your hot tub experience.

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