4 Best Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Spa Water Clean

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There’s nothing quite like soaking in your spa at the end of a long day. What better way to melt away the stress, than inside the comfort of your jet-driven spa? The best way to guarantee yourself a soak in the spa when you need it most is by keeping the water clean and safe.

In this article, we’re going to review some of the best tips and tricks to help keep your spa water clean.

Hot Tub Supplies

Clean water starts with the right supply of chemicals. To help you keep your water sparkling, check out our handy list before heading to your pool and spa supply store:

Test Kit

A kit will have the items you need to determine if your water requires chemicals.

pH Balancers

pH up is needed if your water tests low while pH down is added if it tests high.

Stain and Scale Control

This is used to keep scum and build-up under control.

Bromine Tablets

Shaped like a puck, it’s used to counteract bacteria and cleanse your spa’s water.

Hot Tub Shock

Ideally, shock is used to prevent foam and cloudiness. It can also be used to get rid of it.

Filter Cleaner

To be used once a month to keep your filter sparkling.

Chemicals aside, there are other ways to make cleaning your spa easier. Check out some of these great hacks to keep your water fresh and clean.

1. Use Pantyhose or Stockings

Using a net to cover the lower return inlets when you change your spa’s water, is a good idea. It will prevent dirt and debris from floating into your filter system.

Pantyhose or stockings make the ultimate net. The sheer material allows the water to flow through easily but catches everything else.

2. Use Tennis Balls

This surprising but essential hack is great for keeping your spa’s water clean. Simply toss some tennis balls into your spa’s skimmer or even directly into your hot tub’s water and watch as they absorb grime and residue. If you use your hot tub on a regular basis, be sure to change the balls frequently. This not only saves you a lot of cleaning time, but will save you money because you’ll use fewer chemicals.

3. Use a Hose Filter

Keeping your water balanced is key to healthy hot tubbing. If you use your garden hose to top up your levels, however, you could be allowing water that isn’t 100% clean into your spa.

The solution is simple: a hose filter. This will ensure that the cleanest water possible is being used to fill your spa. If you don’t have one, running your hose through your spa’s filter will offer you the same great results.

4. Use Bleach

No, we don’t want you to put bleach in your spa. But it can come in handy for cleaning the underside of your hot tub cover. If not cleaned regularly, the heat and steam from your spa can cause mildew to develop and that can lead to foul-smelling water.

To tackle this problem, grab a spray bottle and combine nine parts of water with one part bleach. Mix well and spray the solution on the underside of your cover. Wipe well and then rinse thoroughly before replacing the cover.

With the right chemicals and these tips in mind, you should never have to worry about dirty spa water.

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