How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filter And How Often

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Nothing can put a damper on your enjoyment of your hot tub quite like dirty water can.

Your hot tub’s filter works hard, helping to keep your hot tub clean and fresh for your use, but it definitely needs regular attention from you to help it maintain optimal performance.

If you start to notice that debris has started to accumulate or that the water isn’t as clean or clear as you would like, it may mean that it is time to change your hot tub’s filter.

When Should You Clean Your Hot Tub Filter?

There’s no single hard and fast rule about when you need to clean your filter, but there are a few guidelines that you follow to help keep your filter running smoothly and your hot tub free from buildup.


Every two weeks, you need to take your filter out and give it a good rinse. This can be as simple as removing it from your hot tub and taking a garden hose to it in your back yard. This simple cleaning can help remove the larger trapped particles, such as trapped hair or leaves, in the filter.

For a more effective rinse, speak with the experts at SunSpa about the benefits of an attachable filter flosser for your garden hose and filter cleaning solution.


Every two to three months, however, you will want to give it a more thorough cleaning. During this cleaning, you will start by rinsing it out as you would when you give it its two-week cleaning.

Next, you’ll give it a chemical bath. Soak your hot tub’s filter in a five-gallon bucket for up to 24 hours, and a minimum of twelve hours, with a proportioned measure of hot tub filter cleaning chemicals.

We strongly advise against using household chemicals, such as detergents and bleach, to clean your hot tub filter, as they can damage it. Furthermore, do not clean it in your dishwasher, as the powerful jets in it can damage your hot tub’s filter.

After you soak the filter, rinse it off thoroughly and return it to your hot tub once more. During this process, be sure to have an extra filter available to place in your hot tub while the other one is being cleaned, as to not disturb the circulation process of your spa.


Finally, you will want to be sure to completely replace your hot tub’s filter every year, on an annual basis. Even if you are vigilant about keeping it clean, it does still need to be replaced every year.

Failure to do so can lead to your hot tub getting grimy and other components can become endangered by a dirty hot tub filter.

Hot Tub Filters in Calgary

Are you staying on top of keeping your hot tub’s filter clean and free from trapped debris? If this article motivated you to do a deep cleaning of your hot tub’s filter – or to replace it entirely – then we have more inspiration for you in our blog.

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