Maintenance Tips

How To Maintain Your Hot Tub

Read our recommendations on how to maintain your hot tub, make good use of hot tub supplies, and ensure that it last longer, so that you can truly enjoy your new hot tub investment for many years to come.


Keep baseball caps near your spa so that people with long hair can tuck their hair into the hat and keep it from getting in the water. This will minimize the amount of oils that will get into the water and help keep your water clear and will also prevent foam from forming in your hot tub.


Your spa or hot tub is an excellent place to relax your cares away. It is also good for “warming up” with simple flexibility exercises. These exercises are easier in water because water effectively lessens the pull of gravity on your body. Be aware of the weakening effect of hot water and don’t overdo it.


More likely than not, you and your guests will be barefooted while near the spa or hot tub. Use only unbreakable dishes, beverage containers, and utensils. Never use glass anywhere near the spa or hot tub. Broken glass is invisible in water and extremely difficult to get out of the support system.


Don’t wash your bathing suit (especially if it’s cotton!) Or if you do, don’t wash it very often. Use a extra rinse cycle on washing machine to rinse out all the excess soap from the washing machine. Don’t put lotion on your skin right before hot-tubbing If you put lotion on in the morning & hot-tub at night, most likely the lotion won’t effect the water. If you can, wait until after you use your spa before putting lotions or oil onto your skin!


Cleaning of your spa cover is an important part of routine spa maintenance. Dirt acts as an abrasive to the vinyl topcoat, and can also cause wear to fold, seams, and stitching. Routine cleaning, prior to application of vinyl protectant. Use a mild detergent and rinse well. Then apply a vinyl protectant such as 303. Remember to remove the snow from a hot tub cover prior to opening. To much weight can damage the cover and cover lifter.


Keep the spa or hot tub filled to its proper level. Periodically check the water levels.