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Whether you own a hot tub or a swim spa, you’re bound to have a question or two from time to time. From water maintenance to buying the system, we have the questions and answers that you’ve been looking for. That’s where our team of backyard living specialists can help. SunSpa is here to answer all of our customers’ queries. If you have additional questions, our experts are just a phone call away at 403-243-8434 or visit our Calgary showroom.

You Ask, We Answer

Hot tub Questions and Answers

Like many of our other customers, chances are you might have questions. To help you learn more about our products, ownership and the benefits they can offer, we have listed some of our most-asked questions and provided you with the answers. If the information you’re looking for isn’t below, please contact our hot tub showroom for more information. One of our home and backyard leisure experts would be more than happy to assist you.

Which hot tub is best for me?

The right hot tub for you depends on your lifestyle. Certain factors such as backyard size and layout, immediate family members who will use the spa, short-term and long-term budget, and your personal preferences, can all have an effect on which hot tub is best for you. As a general rule of thumb, larger hot tubs that have five to seven seats, are generally best for those with a larger family, who love to entertain, or have a bigger budget, while smaller hot tubs with two, three or four seats, are best for smaller families with less backyard space or a more modest budget.

How often should I change the hot tub filter?

You should change and replace your hot tub filter once a year. To keep it clean and in good working order, rinse your hot tub filter once every two weeks with water from the hose and give it a deep-cleaning by soaking it overnight in a filter cleaning solution once every two months.

How often should I clean and treat my spa water?

Most hot tubs and swim spas should have their water tested, treated and balanced on a weekly basis. For more information, contact the manufacturer or the dealership where you first purchased your hot tub or swim spa.

How often should I drain my hot tub or swim spa?

Drain, clean and refill your hot tub or swim spa about three to four times a year. This amount can depend on certain factors, such as how much the spa is used and how frequently it is cleaned.

Do hot tubs cost a lot of money to run?

Some energy-efficient hot tubs are more cost-effective than others. Monthly operating costs can be reduced with innovative and energy-conserving technology, which is often integrated into more modern spas. This can include energy-efficient operating systems, full-foam insulation, high-quality hot tub covers, titanium coil heaters, and LED lighting, among other features. Keep costs even lower by running your hot tub on the economy or energy-saving mode.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Healing and revitalizing, hydrotherapy is a therapeutic technique that harnesses the properties of warm water. The combined effects of heat, buoyancy and massage can offer a number of health benefits, including:

• Improved sleep patterns
• Less stress
• Eased muscle tension
• Fewer aches and pains
• Soothed joints
• Improved post-injury recovery
• Better skin and circulation

What is the MicroCLEAN® Filtration System?

The MicroCLEAN® Filtration System is built into just about every modern Sundance® Spas hot tub. It can help improve the quality and safety of the hot tub water, while reducing your regular maintenance efforts. This nearly maintenance-free hot tub experience can take care of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

What hot tub chemicals are best?

The best hot tub chemicals for your spa depend on the model you own. To determine which chemicals are right for your hot tub, speak with one of the experts at your local spa store or the showroom where you originally purchased your hot tub. As a general rule of thumb, you should collect and document this information during the initial sale, to ensure you’re using the right chemicals right from the start.

What is a swim spa?

swim spa is a medium to large-sized at-home spa system that can be installed into most backyards. These systems are best described as a combination of a swimming pool and hot tub. Ranging from about 12 to 20 feet in length, most offer a large tank area that is built for recreation, entertainment and exercise, with an area on the other end that is very similar to a hot tub, complete with seats, jets and more.

Can swim spas be used in the winter?

Yes, swim spas can be used in the winter. Commonly known as “all-weather pools”, the temperature inside a swim spa can be adjusted for both warmer and cooler climates.

Are swim spas worth it?

The investment in a swim spa can be completely worth it. Some of the top benefits of owning and using a swim spa are:

• Increased home value
• Better quality of life
• Improved backyard lifestyle
• Improved overall health
• Reduced stress
• Weight maintenance
• Eased muscle tension
• Soothed joint pain
• Improved sleep patterns
• Better post-injury recovery

Are swim spas heated?

Yes, swim spas can be heated. Swim spas come with a built-in temperature control system, enabling you to set the water to a warmer or cooler temperature, depending on your climate and preferences.

How much do hot tubs weigh?

Hot tubs weigh more than you might think; even smaller models are quite heavy. A two-person hot tub, for instance, can weigh in at more than 600 pounds dry and 3,000 pounds filled. A six-seat spa can weigh a whopping 1,000 pounds or more when dry and as much as 6,000 pounds once full. A concrete slab or patio can easily accommodate that much weight but, if you opt to install your spa on a deck, check with a contractor to make sure it is properly reinforced.

What is the SmartTub™ System?

Invented by Sundance® Spas, the SmartTub™ System uses technology to enhance your hot tub experience. Run via an app on your smartphone, the SmartTub™ System offers tips and provides how-to videos on maintenance and care of your spa. The app offers energy usage estimates, power outage notifications and gives you the ability to update settings, such as energy efficiency and temperature. It will also send an alert to you and your dealer when a service call is needed. To learn more about the app, click here.

How do I make my hot tub safe?

Your hot tub is a great place for the family to relax together, but it can also pose certain safety risks if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Be sure that you invest in a cover that comes with locking straps as well as a lockable gate to keep curious children, pets and wildlife away from the tub. It is also wise to invest in steps, making it easier for people of all heights to enter and exit the hot tub safely. If you allow your children to use the hot tub, never leave them unsupervised, reduce water temperature to 94°F and cap their soaking time at 10 minutes. Children under the age of 10 do not have the same tolerance for heat as adults and teens do.

Are Sundance®Spas energy efficient?

The Sundance® Spas brand goes the extra mile to ensure that their hot tubs are as energy efficient as possible. Every tub is filled between each compartment, shell and skirt with two types of foam insulation to help maintain a steady water temperature. The equipment bay is also filled with high-density, heat-resistant foam while Sundance® Spas’ Rigid Bond™ hot tub shells partnered with our insulation system, supply top-quality performance, resilience and energy efficiency.

How do you store hot tub chemicals safely?

Hot tub chemicals should always be kept in a cool, dry area to maintain their effectiveness. Never store in areas that receive direct sunlight, are near a heat source or are in unheated areas. If you are storing your chemicals in a container, make sure it has a proper seal and is not left on the damp ground or on concrete. Remember, chemicals can be hazardous and should be stored in an area that cannot be accessed by wildlife, children or pets. We recommend keeping them in a storage shed, container or on a top shelf within the basement or garage of your home.

What makes Fluidix® Jets different from regular jets?

Fluidix® Jets have been made to replicate different massages through the use of air and water pressure. You can control the massage you receive with our Fluidix® Jets, meaning you can start out with a light massage and gradually increase the pressure. Our patented Fluidix® Jet technology uses fluid dynamics, enabling the jet stream to swing back and forth without the use of bearings or internal moving parts that can breakdown. This design ensures our jets will continue to provide a customized massage for years to come.

How do I install a hot tub?

There are a few absolute musts when it comes to installing a hot tub. First, never install your tub within 10 feet of overhead power lines. This is a safety precaution that should be kept in mind when choosing where to locate your spa. Your ideal space should also have a handy spot to access your hot tub equipment panel with ease. Your hot tub needs to be installed on a level and solid foundation such as a cement slab or patio. If you choose to install on your deck, make sure that the foundation has been fortified to withstand the weight of a full tub. When it comes to the actual installation, don’t take any chances — talk to your dealer to set up an expert install. For more information, contact us today.

What should I do before I buy a hot tub?

Before heading to your local dealer to find your perfect hot tub, there are a few steps you can take to streamline the process. It’s always a good idea to have some pictures of your backyard on your phone. Showing the dealership expert what your yard looks like and the space you have to work with will aid in narrowing down the choices. Take measurements of the area you are considering for your tub. This is especially helpful if your space is limited because it will allow the dealer to steer you toward an appropriate size and shape. If you want to test out some of the options, call ahead to set up an appointment for a private ‘wet test.’

What is the BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System?

The BLUEWAVE® Spa Stereo System is a musical option that can be added to your Sundance® Spas hot tub. While features vary by series, the system is Bluetooth compatible, enabling you to stream audio from as far away as 30 feet. USB power offers a direct connection and charge and AUX input is available for alternative music sources. Integrated audio controls are available on some models.

What Is The Clearray® Water Management System?

The Sundance® Spas’ CLEARRAY® Water Management System is a ground-breaking water care system that uses UV-C technology to eliminate 99.9 percent of all pathogens found in hot tub water. This efficient, odor-free system is also easy to maintain.

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