5 Small Swim Spas in Calgary For an Intimate Spa Retreat

small swim spas in Calgary

Small swim spas have become a coveted backyard staple across the country (and the world), and with their many health, wellness, and relaxation benefits, it’s no surprise.

The spas have revolutionized the way we swim, making the activity more accessible than ever, while also supercharging it beyond measure.

Not only do small swim spas make it possible to get a quality swim without requiring a full-size pool, but they boast the soothing, warm waters and powerful hydrotherapy jets you’d find in a hot tub, extending their useability.

Have you been considering updating your backyard with a small swim spa but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll be exploring five small swim spas from an industry-leading brand, discovering the many features that will leave you obsessed with your new routine.

Read on, and get ready to fall in love with your new backyard!

5 Small Swim Spas To Elevate Your Backyard Fun

How small is “small”?

Swim spas come in a wide variety of sizes, but with this article focusing solely on those more compact units, you’ll find models between 150 inches in length to 186 inches.

This will help ensure that there’s a model to complement a range of small backyards without going overboard.

Let’s dive in, starting with the smallest (yet most shareable) model on our list.

Small Swim Spas

AquaPlay 13FFP

The AquaPlay 13FFP may be small, but it packs a punch when it comes to all the ways you can enjoy your time in the water.

With its 150” by 93” footprint, this model can effortlessly complement the vast majority of spaces without leaving them feeling cramped or crowded.

If you’re worried a smaller unit may mean less seating, think again! The AquaPlay 13FFP swim spa boasts the most amount of seating out of any model on this list.

Featuring nine hydrotherapy seats spread throughout its interior, this model was made for sharing the blissful relaxation with all your favourite people.

Four sculpted corner seats offer complete release as your weight is lifted from your joints, allowing them to rest and recover as you soak away your worries.

Along both sides, you’ll discover twin bench seats, extending the seating while offering targeted jets for each person.

When it comes to swimming, the AquaPlay 13FFP provides a smooth current for you to paddle against with its two High Flow SlipStream Swim Jets.

Whether you’re settling in for an evening of relaxation, or pushing yourself through a challenging workout, the AquaPlay 13FFP swim spa delivers an exceptional experience.

Small Swim Spas By Hydropool

AquaSport 14 AX

Next up is the AquaSport 14 AX. Boasting a slightly larger footprint of 174” by 93” and AccuFlo Swim Jets, you’ll discover the perfect backyard fitness space.

With their honeycomb design and adjustable speed, the swim jets produce a silky smooth current, capable of reaching five kilometres per hour.

Paired with the AquaChannel Shell design, you’ll never have to battle reflective waves, ensuring a reliable, predictable stationary swimming experience every time you step into the water.

Want to add body-weight exercises to your workout? No problem! With its gripped floor, you’ll be able to move through a range of exercises without ever worrying about losing your footing.

From yoga to squats and pushups, this floor will keep you upright and confident through every move!

When it comes to hydrotherapy, you’ll have four seats to choose from, each boasting a unique jet pattern to target a different muscle group for a personalized massage to effortlessly meet your changing needs.

The AquaSport 14 AX swim spa has everything you need to hit your fitness goals without breaking the bank!

Small Swim Spas - Hydropool Swim Spa

AquaTrainer 14 AX

This model may look similar to the one above, but it offers a completely different experience, with a heavy focus on fitness.

The two high-performance adjustable V-Twin jets are capable of producing over 1400 gallons per minute, dramatically increasing the power of the current!

In fact, the current is capable of going so fast (up to 10 kph), that it’s even capable of challenging the strongest of swimmers (we’re talking triathlete level!).

Better yet, with the Programmable AquaPro/AX Control, allowing you to switch your routine up with the push of a button, flipping from one preset program to another in seconds.

Don’t have a waterproof fitness watch but want to track your swim? No problem! The control also tracks your burned calories, time and distance!

If you’re looking for a swim spa that can effortlessly grow alongside you for years to come, the AquaTrainer 14 AX swim spa is the perfect model for you!

Small Swim Spas - Hydropool Executive Sport 16Ex

Executive Sport 16Ex

This ultra-modern-looking swim spa is sure to sweep you away, boasting an elegant visual appeal while featuring powerful features for an exceptional aquatic experience.

With a footprint of 186” by 93”, this swim spa is capable of fitting into a range of backyards, bringing luxury to backyards everywhere.

Along the bottom, you’ll discover a stunning Soft Stride Floor Mat to allow for a variety of workouts, while also maximizing the safety of your spa for your kids.

Featuring the Premium Hydrofall Pillows and HydroFlex Foot Massage jets, you’ll discover a whole new level of relaxation.

Settle in and enjoy a luxurious hydromassage as warm water cascades down your neck and crashes over your shoulders, while the soles of your feet find precision relief.

Pair that with this brand’s renowned Self-Cleaning Technology, and you’ll discover a swim spa that makes routine maintenance effortless, for cleaner water with less work!

The Executive Sport 16Ex swim spa truly has it all!

Small Swim Spas - Hydropool Executive Trainer 16Ex

Executive Trainer 16Ex

For the fitness enthusiast who wants to be pushed to the limits (and beyond), the Executive Trainer 16Ex swim spa should be at the top of your list!

This compact, yet spacious swim spa boasts an impressive range of features, designed with powerful elements with the sole purpose of providing a challenging, versatile experience.

The VFX Swim Control allows you complete control over your workout sessions, being fully programmable to transform your spa into a personalized gym with the push of a button.

With a current that’s capable of reaching 11 kph, this spa is perfect for beginners to triathletes, ensuring you’ll enjoy a powerful workout at any level.

The Patented Current Collector Technology ensures every swim is predictable and smooth, keeping waves from crashing back toward you and throwing you off balance.

With two neck-to-toe hydrotherapy seats, you’ll discover full-body release post-workout as the perfect combination of jets to expertly treat aching muscles to keep stiffness and pain at bay.

Whatever your fitness goals, the Executive Trainer 16Ex swim spa is sure to keep your heart pumping as it challenges you again and again!

Why Hydropool Swim Spas?

You may have noticed that all of these swim spas had one thing in common—they’re all from Hydropool!

We believe in providing exceptional quality, and this brand has become world-renowned for a reason.

Self-Cleaning Technology

You may have noticed that some of the above models boast self-cleaning technology, a staple on many Hydropool swim spas.

Through the combination of various features, such as the HydroClean®️ floor vacuum and HydroClean®️ pressurized filter, Hydropool has created the world’s easiest swim spas to maintain.

This system cleans every drop of water in your swim spa every 40 minutes, ensuring you can enjoy reliably clear water with far less work than traditional models.

Learn more about how this system works in this short video:

Zone Therapy

Another element that makes these swim spas stand out is the jets, and not just because they offer a deep tissue massage.

Every jet lining the seats of a Hydropool swim spa has been thoughtfully placed to provide the ultimate therapeutic experience, through Zone Therapy.

While certain collections of jets aim to ease tense upper back muscles for those struggling with tense shoulders, neck pain and headaches, others focus on reflexology, providing precision pressure to ease aching feet.

This system ensures your swim spa can treat your every ache and pain with ease.

Energy Efficiency

Hydropool swim spas are so energy-efficient they’ve become one of the four top energy-efficient spas in the world!

That’s no easy feat, especially with the harsh winters we experience here in Canada, yet they’ve done it!

This is largely due to their Triple Thermal Shield System that recycles the heat produced by your system to maintain the temperature of your water, dramatically reducing the energy needed to keep your spa toasty warm…even on the coldest nights of the year!

Made in Canada

These swim spas were made in Canada, with Canadian winters in mind, ensuring they are capable of withstanding the bitter and frigid temperatures we experience during the coldest months of the year.

This means that when you invest in a Hydropool swim spa, you’re getting the best-equipped spa for our weather, minimizing energy costs while enjoying a luxury experience!

Explore Small Swim Spas at Sun Spa – Your Go-To Experts

At Sun Spa, we’re dedicated to providing a luxury experience to Calgary homeowners looking to bring relaxation and endless enjoyment to their backyards.

We stock only the best products designed with premium materials to ensure years of relaxation.

From Hydropool swim spas to Sundance®️ Spas hot tubs, we’ve got everything you need to create the backyard escape of your dreams, bringing winter fun to a whole new level!

We’ve been serving Calgary for over 40 years, and over those years, we’ve provided expert service and care to our clients, ensuring they receive exceptional support long after delivery.

Ready to reimagine your backyard space and usher in a new era of therapeutic relief? Contact our team to learn more, or visit our showroom today!

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