5 Best Lighting Solutions to Add To Your Outdoor Hot Tub

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Nothing enhances your outdoor living space quite like a well-designed hot tub installation.

If your spa landscaping is complete but is missing that finishing touch, a little extra lighting can give it the element it needs to look truly sensational.

While your hot tub likely already has interior lighting, exterior lights can give it a lot of extra punch without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best ways to bring lights to your outdoor hot tub.

1. Embedded Deck Lights

If your hot tub was installed on your deck, you can easily add embedded lights to give it some extra pizzazz.

Embedding lights into the timbers of your deck is easiest if done when the decking is installed but can be added afterward as well. Lights can be installed in the steps or railing, around the perimeter of the deck or around built-in benches or other seating.

Low-energy LED lights ensure you’ll light up your hot tub without jacking up your utility bill.

2. Stair Lighting

LED lights can also be used to accent your spa steps. Not only does this add a lot of visual interest to your spa, but it acts as a safety feature too for those after-dark dips.

Being able to see where you’re putting your feet when entering and exiting your hot tub at night is always a good thing. Be sure to choose high-quality lights so they stay durable in all types of weather.

3. Hanging Lanterns

If you’re pinched for time or simply aren’t interested in a big project, purchasing some hanging lanterns for your outdoor space is an easy and attractive way to light up your hot tub.

With battery-powered lanterns, no wiring is necessary, saving you from an electrician’s bill. Instead, it’s as easy as hanging your LED lanterns from a pergola or gazebo, from trees or anywhere you want some extra light.

When choosing your lanterns, be sure to keep your current landscaping in mind and choose a colour and style that will complement your colour scheme.

4. Landscape Lighting

This is a popular, tried and true way of highlighting only specific areas of your outdoor space. The key is to not shine a light directly on your spa but to use low-voltage lights to illuminate trees, nearby gardens, paths or architectural elements such as a pergola or a gazebo.

By lighting up areas near or leading to your spa, your eye will be drawn to it, making it the focal point of the back yard.

5. Path Lighting

Lighting up a walkway to your hot tub is the perfect way to make your spa the main attraction of your outdoor living space. If you’re able, line both sides of the path for a cohesive yet dramatic look.

Low-voltage and solar LED lights both work well and consist of a decorative bulb-housing unit atop a stake that’s driven into the ground. Solar lights are the easier of the two to install because you don’t have to worry about running wires. You simply place a solar rechargeable battery or remote solar panel someplace in your yard where it will receive direct sunlight.

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