Hot Tub Maintenance In Calgary – 4 Easy Steps to Sparkling Clean Water

man opening his hot tub access panel to perform hot tub maintenance

Did you know that a premium hot tub could last you upwards of 20 years?

That’s right, you could be enjoying the soothing relief of your spa for up to two decades. However, this all depends on one big thing…your hot tub maintenance!

Nearly every element of your hot tub is constantly exposed to water, which can quickly lead to wear and tear when the proper steps aren’t taken.

Ultimately, the longevity of your spa comes down to the choices you make along the way when it comes to spa care.

So, how exactly do you maximize the lifespan of your spa?

Below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to care for your hot tub like a pro to keep it in the best condition possible.

From the basic non-negotiable steps in your hot tub maintenance routine to some expert tips to keep your water crystal clear with less work, we’re covering it all.

Ready to take charge of your spa’s health?

Let’s dive in!

Hot Tub Maintenance Basics

Taking care of your hot tub is a multi-step process, and creating a comprehensive plan will help ensure you hit all the vital elements.

This will include a set of processes that are all split between four specific time frames:

If you’re worried this means you’ll spend more time caring for your spa than enjoying it, don’t be!

Most steps can be completed in a matter of minutes; hot tub maintenance is a lot less work than most people think.

To make this process as simple as possible, we’ll break every step into the appropriate frequency for you.

Man Testing His Hot Tub Water During Hot Tub Maintenance

Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance (10-15 minutes each week)

The steps you take each week will help prepare you for success in every other aspect of your care plan, providing a solid foundation.

Here are the steps you’ll want to do each week:

  • Test and treat your water:

Technically, this step will need to be done two or three times a week, but at the very minimum, you should be checking your water chemistry once a week.

Each time you test your water, you’ll want to verify the pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels are balanced.

  • Rinse your filter(s):

Your filter(s) play a crucial role in maintaining both the cleanliness of your water and the efficiency of your spa.

To ensure they are able to function properly, you’ll want to remove them from your spa and rinse off any built-up debris with your garden hose.

Pro Tip: Use a filter flosser attachment to clean deeper between the pleats.

  • Shock the water:

Each time you slip beneath the surface of your water, organic matter, such as dead skin cells and oil from hair products, cosmetics, or deodorant, contaminate the water.

Unfortunately, your standard sanitizer is unable to break this down, which is where a shock treatment comes in.

Oxidizing shock will help support the effectiveness of your regular sanitizer by working to kill the bacteria it can’t, keeping your water reliably clean and clear!

  • Clean the top exposed edge of your shell:

Those oils we mentioned above will also accumulate on the sides of your shell, creating a scum light hovering just above the surface of your water.

Using a soft cloth, you can wipe away these lines to keep your spa looking its best.

  • Wipe down your cover:

Lastly, you’ll want to give your cover a little love. Constantly exposed to the elements, your cover can quickly accumulate dirt and debris that’s blown past on the wind.

To help maintain the quality of your spa cover, wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth once a week.

Not only do these steps set you up for success for the remainder of your care routine, but they’re also the most impactful when it comes to keeping your spa in pristine condition!

Monthly Spa Care (20-25 minutes)

While your weekly care will do the bulk of the work to maintain the quality of your spa, your monthly routine will put those efforts into overdrive.

Here are three steps you’ll want to take once each month:

  • Chemical spray your filter(s):

Rinsing the surface debris off your filters only goes so far, and eventually, those oils that end up in your water will build up into a thicker layer of gunk.

Spraying or soaking your filter(s) in a filter cleaner for 15 minutes will help lift the more stubborn debris, breathing new life into it.

This is also a great time to do a quick inspection on them, ensuring the pleats aren’t coming apart from the caps, and that there are no rips or tears.

  • Clean the underside of your cover:

With your cover constantly atop your spa, the underside of it is consistently exposed to damp, chemical-laden moisture.

Over time, this can lead to mold or mildew forming in the nooks and crannies, so it’s important to wipe it down every month.

Remove your cover, flip it upside down, and clean the underside with a mixture of one part bleach and 9 parts water.

  • Wipe the cabinet:

If you want to ensure your hot tub continues to be a captivating element of your backyard, you’ll want to give your cabinet some attention each month.

Using a damp cloth and some soapy water, clean your cabinet to renew its appearance.

Woman Changing Her Hot Tub Filter During Hot Tub Maintenance

Quarterly Hot Tub Maintenance (8-12 hours)

Once each season, you’re going to want to set aside an hour or two so you can give your hot tub a deep clean to prepare for another season of comfort.

Arguably, this is the most time-consuming process. However, the majority of the estimated time for this process won’t require any actual work from you.

Here’s what you’ll want to do each season:

  • Drain and deep clean your spa:

Every time you add any water treatment products to your hot tub, they increase the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water.

Over time, this can make your water increasingly difficult to balance, which is where a water change comes in.

A water change and deep clean can ensure your water continues to be easy to maintain and greatly reduce the amount of wear and tear it has on your system.

To make the most of this step, we recommend adding a line cleaner to your spa water and allowing it to circulate through your system for 15 minutes prior to draining your spa.

This will help remove any gunk that’s accumulated throughout the pipes of your system to ensure your fresh water isn’t contaminated right away.

  • Soak your filters:

This is where the majority of this process’s time comes from, and it’s all a waiting game!

The night before you drain your spa, remove your filters, rinse them off with your hose, and toss them into a basket of diluted filter cleaner.

Then, simply set them aside and let them soak overnight!

The next morning, pull them out from the solution, give them a good rinse, and set them aside to dry as you work on draining and cleaning the rest of your spa.

This process aims to deeply penetrate the fibres of your filters, saturating them with the cleaning solution to lift deeply set debris and extend their longevity.

  • Inspect your system:

During your deep clean, take a moment to inspect your spa for any concerning signs of oncoming issues, or leaks.

During this inspection, you’ll want to ensure you inspect your heating element for any corrosion or scale buildup.

This is a great indicator of the quality of your water since improperly balanced water is the number one cause of damage to your heating element.

To inspect your element, you’ll need to do it while your spa is powered off and the water drained.

  • Apply a UV protectant to your cover:

The final step of your monthly deep clean will be adding a layer of protection to your cover.

Hot tub covers are notorious for fading or cracking over time due to the harsh UV rays from the sun they’re constantly exposed to.

To keep your cover looking its best, apply a UV protectant spray each season.

Annual Care

Last on the list, is the minor annual demands of your spa to support the basic function of its systems.

  • Replace your filter(s):

Most spas require you to replace the filters with new ones every year. If you’ve been keeping up with your routine cleans, and your filters are still in good shape, now’s the time to replace them.

If, however, you had to replace them early due to damage, this step will be postponed until 12 months after you last replaced your filters, or if they become damaged during that time.

  • Change your CLEARRAY®️ Bulb:

If you have a Sundance®️ Spas model, you likely have a CLEARRAY®️ UV-C bulb as part of your water’s sanitization system.

Like any other bulb, the strength of the light diminishes over time and will need to be replaced once every year.

Tips and Tricks for Effortlessly Clean Water

Now that you’re a master of your maintenance routine, how can you make it even easier?

Reducing your maintenance needs all comes down to the quality of water, and there are a few steps you can take to ensure your water is exposed to the least amount of contamination possible, such as:

  • Keeping your hair up
  • Rinsing off beforehand
  • Removing any makeup
  • Using hot tub sponges to soak up oils
  • Keeping your spa covered when not in use
  • Shocking the water after heavy use

Professional Hot Tub Maintenance in Calgary

At SunSpa, we want to make your hot tub care routine as effortless as possible, which is why we’ve curated a range of hot tub service solutions to meet your every need.

Whether you require frequent care to combat your busy schedule or want to hand off your seasonal water changes, we’ve got a solution for you.

Here are the hot tub maintenance services we offer:

  • Bi-weekly care, including water tests and treatments, filter and spa inspection, and a clean of your shell
  • Water changes
  • Filter maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Spa relocation
  • Spa cover replacements
  • Trade-in’s

To get started, contact us today or request a service appointment right from our services page!

Hot Tub Maintenance Services in Calgary

Congratulations! You’ve just become an expert at hot tub maintenance! Your spa will be thanking you for it for many years to come.

The experts at SunSpa have been serving the residents of Calgary, Alberta, for many years, and we’d be proud to help support you during your spa ownership journey.

From discovering new hot tub models with captivating innovation to adorning your backyard with a premium swim spa for an all-in-one experience, we’ve got you covered!

Contact us today, or visit us in-store to explore the many luxury models lining our showroom floor.

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