Can I Add Essential Oils To My Hot Tub?

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Your hot tub is an ideal place to kick back and relax after a long hard day at work or running after the kids. And aromatherapy can certainly add to the experience.

A well-chosen scent can calm the mind and soothe the body, especially when combined with heated water and a therapeutic or reflexology jet massage.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an ancient healing practice using essential oils that has been scientifically proven to improve one’s physical and mental health. This holistic practice is used to treat everything from stress and anxiety to migraines, sinus issues and muscle pain.

What Is Hot Tub Aromatherapy?

Many hot tubs today come with aromatherapy technology that enables you to enjoy the healing power of scent while relaxing in your spa.

The key is to only use products that are specifically designed for the hot tub. That means essential oils, no matter how aromatic, are a no-no when it comes to your spa.

Can Essential Oils Damage My Spa?

Essential oil use may not cause problems immediately, but will certainly cause buildup over time leaving you, at the very least, with a clogged spa filter. Hot tubs simply aren’t made to circulate and filter thicker liquids, so adding oil can lead to a lot of damage — and that means a costly repair.

What Should I Use?

If you want all of the benefits of hot tub aromatherapy without the damage, choose products that have been specifically designed for spa use. They can come in the form of salts, crystals, liquid or capsules and should be purchased from a certified hot tub dealer to ensure both quality and compatibility.

Using aromatherapy products such as Sundance® Spas Sunscents, which have been specifically designed to work with your spa’s water-care system, will keep your unit running smoothly. With Sunscents, the fragrance is injected into bubbles and is released when they come to the surface.

What Are the Best Hot Tub Scents?


This soothing yet powerful scent has been found to calm mind and body and is a wonderful sleep aid. It’s also recommended for anyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, cramps, headaches or muscle pain.


This powerful scent is perfect for clearing congestion and soothing sore throats and can relieve body aches and pains.


This is a strong scent that is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also promotes relaxation and can even be used as an aphrodisiac.


Also known as an aphrodisiac, jasmine treats stress, anxiety and depression. It is also able to improve sleep quality while increasing daytime alertness.


This soothing scent is not only ideal for relaxation, it’s a natural mood booster. It can also relieve PMS symptoms, help fight infection and reduce inflammation.

Get The Best Aromatherapy & Hydrotherapy With SunSpa

If you want to experience the healing benefits of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy combined, then why not consider a home spa?

As the provider of the best hot tubs in Alberta, SunSpa can help you find the perfect fit for your home.

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