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Hot Tub Plans – Avoid the add-on look.

Plan ahead for your new hot tub. Having a hot tub plan can help you achieve a “built-in” look, and avoid the impression that the spa was an add-on. As you shop for a new hot tub, keep in mind the dimensions of the patio, deck or yard for your spa installation. Look through home and garden magazines for design ideas. And browse through the photos of hot tub owners’ backyards for patio, deck, and spa installation ideas.

Access to the spa.

Access to the spa from the house is usually via an existing wood, concrete, or masonry patio. You may have secondary access to or from a lawn area that provides continuity between your house, spa, and yard. The area next to the stairs leading from the spa to the lawn provides the perfect spot for a flowerbed, or a towel tree.

Transition between spa decking and the lawn area.

Strengthen the continuity between your house and yard by creating a “stepping-stone” effect: > Allow the ground cover (i.e. turf, grasses, moss, etc.) to grow between the stepping-stones to blend the hardscape (decking) to the softscape (lawn area).
> Redwood rounds make nice stepping-stones. If your decking is masonry, match the brick, flagstone, or tile.

Install garden lighting along the pathway to your spa.

Hot tubs feature coloured LED interior lighting, including sparkling, backlit waterfalls in most models.

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5 key points in planning for your hot tub installation

1. Consider your family's needs and desires. 

Do you entertain? Love family barbeques? Enjoy reading or quiet meditation? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of setting you want for your hot tub, and which hot tub model is best for you.

2. Is your spa easy to get to from the house? 

The closer it is, the more you'll enjoy it. Consider a patio or deck just outside the home for spa installation.

3. Think about privacy when deciding where to place your hot tub. 

Check the views into your yard. Tall shrubs or plants can form an enclosure for your hot tub installation. Sundance Spas' SunStrong panels can add privacy and enhance the cozy atmosphere inside your spa.

4. Identify sun and shade spots as well as wind directions.

Is there attractive landscaping or a sunset view? Need to keep an eye on the children as you soak? Consider the line of sight from your spa.

5. How's the view from your hot tub?

Place your hot tub where you can use it comfortably throughout the year.


When it rains, which way does the water flow? Water should flow away from your house and other structures; it should not stand or puddle near your spa. Will you need extra grading or drains to ensure water doesn't settle where your spa is going to be installed?

Hot Tub Electrical Installation

Electrical power from the main panel of your house may also provide for your irrigation controller and other electrical needs, such as lighting. An electrician can install an extra outlet or hardwire additional controllers. Be sure your electrician consults the Pre-delivery Guide for your model before doing electrical work.

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