The 5 Best Winter Hot Tub Accessories For Your Spa

winter hot tub accessories

With winter upon us, many spa owners are thinking about ways they can accessorize their hot tub.

While it’s great to simply accessorize a hot tub with high-quality accessories, it is also important to do so with hot tub accessories that actually offer protection.

This is especially true if you’re accessorizing a hot tub during harsh seasons like winter, as well. Given the number of hot tub accessories available in the market, finding ideal ones can prove challenging.

We hope that upon reading this post, you’ll be able to easily pick the best winter hot tub accessories for your own hot tub!

1. Spa Caps

Spa caps are a very important hot tub accessory. Think of spa caps as a cover for your cover. They simply protect spa covers from things like UV rays and moisture. Even better, they are designed with a silver reflective surface to help melt snow faster during winter.

Most spa caps come in two square sizes, 7’x7′ and 8’x8′, which makes it possible to use them on just about any hot tub cover — including covers made for Hydropool swim spas or in-ground swim spas.

2. Handrail(s)

Whether we like it or not, things are bound to get super slippery during winter. Simply put, spa steps usually get slippery during winter due to the snow, sleet, or icy rain. Because of this, spa handrails are a must-have accessory for your tub.

Handrails offer much-needed support when stepping into and out of a tub. Another plus with handrails is that they come in a variety of options, too. Some require you to mount them on tubs, while others require that you screw them into place.

3. Spa Caddy

If you want people to enjoy a drink or two; be it coffee, wine, or juice while inside a cozy tub like a Sundance® Spas tub, then a spa caddy is ideal. A spa Caddy serves as a tray for holding drinks. It, however has to be attached in place for it to work.

The process of attaching a spa caddy is very simple. Even better, they can be used on just about any spa tub, including the likes of in-ground swim spas or Hydropool swim spas.

4. Heated Floor Mats

Heated floor mats are a very important hot tub accessory during winter. This is more so the case if you have to cross or walk over a patio before stepping into your spa.

For those of you who might be wondering, heated floor mats heat the floor intending to melt away accumulated ice, which if left unattended can make the floor slippery.

5. Spa Hats

Spa hats are without doubt one of – if not the best – winter hot tub accessories. With a spa hat, you’ll be able to prevent the loss of too much heat from your head when soaking in your spa.

Furthermore, it will help to keep your hair dry, especially with steam from the hot tub or if it begins to lightly snow. In addition to hats, other ideal small hot tub accessories that are a must-have come winter, include a robe and spa slippers.

Getting Winter Ready in Calgary

Are you ready to get your hot tub ready for the winter? We here at SunSpa in Calgary, Alberta are equally ready to help you get your spa ready for the changing seasons!

From all the hot tubs and spa accessories that you need year-round, to the best swim spa prices locally, we’re more than happy to help you stay warm and toasty this winter. For more information, please contact or visit our showroom today.

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