Top 6 Backyard Hot Tub Accessories You’ll Love

backyard hot tub installation

Backyard hot tub accessories can greatly enhance your outdoor experience, and your space too!

Making for a more pleasant and useful environment, especially when there’s a hot tub or swim spa around. Many of these accessories aren’t just designed to make your life easier or to help you take better care of your hot tub or swim spa. They can also add character and style to your entire backyard. Find out how some of these top backyard accessories, like gorgeous furniture and helpful spa steps, can really bring your space to life!


Patio furniture is a great match to any swim spa or hot tub installation, simply because they can help homeowners create a comfortable, cozy and inviting atmosphere. Right in the comfort of their Calgary backyard!

From comfortable chairs to modern table sets, and many other amenities, patio furniture will allow you to tailor your backyard’s looks and features just the way you want. The great thing about selecting the right patio furniture is that it can really help you define the looks and aesthetics of your backyard.

Are you looking for a comfortable modern feel, or are you looking for something a little more rustic? There are many stylistic options out there, and you will surely find something that will suit your personal tastes or needs in any occasion.


Spa covers are essential tools to help you protect your valued hot tub. The main purpose is to prevent debris from entering the spa when not in use, keep your water clean, and help insulate the spa. This way, you can benefit from extra protection and an extra layer of insulation, keeping the water warmer for a longer period of time without using extra power.


Spa steps make for a smoother and easier way to access the water. They can help improve the safety around the spa, and some even provide a small storage area for goggles, towels, shoes, and more.

You can even purchase spa steps that match the cabinetry of your hot tub and overall aesthetic of the backyard.


Greens, trees, flowers and plants can add a burst of colour, brightness and positivity to just about any environment. The beauty of nature simply never goes out of style, and with the right flower planters, you can certainly create an amazing hot tub or swim spa area, along with a keen sense of aesthetics and style.


If you enjoy hosting parties or having your loved ones over, you should definitely consider a BBQ or a fire pit. There is nothing like a good barbecue party in the comfort of your backyard. Not to mention, the cook doesn’t have to separate from the guests. Everybody can socialize and enjoy each other’s company, right from the backyard!


Some backyards can get pretty dark at night or late in the afternoon. If you want to ensure proper illumination at all times, there are many exterior lighting solutions that would be suitable to your needs. Exterior lighting can also be very scenic, helping you create a magical atmosphere after dark!

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