Signs You Need a New Hot Tub Cover


Having a quality hot tub cover for your Sundance® Spa is one of the best ways to ensure your hot tub is energy efficient. If your hot tub cover is in good condition and working properly, it will effectively insulate the top of your Sundance® Spa and keep the heat trapped in. Your hot tub will have to work harder and operational costs will increase if heat is constantly escaping due to a cover that needs to be replaced.

SunSpa carries a variety of quality hot tub covers for your Sundance® Spa to keep the heat in and withstand cold Calgary weather. Do you think you might require a new hot tub cover? Here are some signs to look out for that indicate you may need to invest in a new spa cover.


The state that your hot tub cover is in not only contributes to the beauty and overall aesthetic appeal of your hot tub and backyard installation, but also reflects on the condition it’s in. The first thing to look for is cracked, torn or brittle vinyl. If the material of the spa cover is deteriorating it can affect the safety, insulation and the look of your hot tub.

As the material degrades it allows for moisture to build up and ultimately bacteria to grow. You also may notice the cover beginning to lose shape or even sag in the middle, allowing water to pool and create heavy puddles.

The chemicals and cleaners added to the water in your hot tub will keep the water of your hot tub safe to use and luxurious, but it can also be harmful to your cover. If the cleaners are added to the water and the cover goes on immediately it can break down the materials of your cover.


When moisture is absorbed into your hot tub cover and bacteria begins to grow it is definitely time for a new hot tub cover. The first thing you may notice is that your hot tub cover feels much heavier than when you bought it because of the added moisture locked into the material.

Once that moisture is absorbed into the material bacteria will begin to grow and cause your cover to have an unappealing odor. The odor may smell musty, moldy or just plain rotten. A hot tub cover that smells of putrid bacteria is not going to enhance the experience of your hot tub at all.


There are ways to slow down the wear and tear on your hot tub cover and keep it in good condition for a longer amount of time. Handling it with care is essential as you don’t want to cause any unwanted tears or holes that will allow moisture inside. When cleaning your hot tub try to not drag it on the ground or be too rough with it. Ask for help from others to carefully remove it and safely store it while cleaning your Sundance® Spa.

After you have added chemicals and cleaners to the water of your hot tub leave the cover off for roughly half an hour. This will decrease the high-concentration of chemicals that will be absorbed into the material, causing it to deteriorate. Wiping down your hot tub cover and giving it a good cleaning during your routine hot tub maintenance is another effective way to pro-long the longevity of your spa cover.

If you have any questions about the condition of your spa cover or if you are looking to invest in a new hot tub cover you can contact SunSpa today! Our specialists can help you find the perfect hot tub cover for your Sundance® Spa to endure Calgary weather!

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