The Benefits Of Hydropool Swim Spas


Hydropool Swim Spas are a great addition to any household. They are friendly for swimmers of all ages, offering a great opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. The benefits of swim spas go on and on.

Best of Both Worlds

Is it a pool? Is it a hot tub? Nope, it’s a swim spa! Swim spas are the perfect combination of hot tubs and swimming pools. They offer the benefits of both tubs and pools without being too big or too small. Hydropool Swim Spas offer a comfortable seating area as well as lots of space for swimming. Features like drink holders, jets, lighting and temperature control provide you with the cozy and intimate atmosphere of a hot tub, while the added space and increased capacity gives you the freedom of a pool.

If you can’t decide between purchasing a swimming pool or a hot tub, then a Hydropool Swim Spa might be the answer you’ve been looking for. The experts at SunSpa are well-equipped to help you make an informed decision!

A Swimmers Dream

Hydropool Swim Spas provide swimmers with the option to utilize powerful jets and create a current. When the jets are on and the current is going strong, users can swim against it while staying in one place. This eliminates the need to turn around while doing laps, as one might do in a swimming pool.

The user can swim against the strength of the adjustable current for as long as they need to without having to worry about stopping or turning around. Once they are finished, all they have to do is simply turn off the jets.

Health Benefits

Hot tubs and swimming pools both offer a variety of health benefits for their users. So what happens when you combine the two together? You get a whole stream of added health benefits!

The larger capacity of a swim spa provides swimmers with much more freedom for recreational activities and relaxation. This positive environment encourages exercise without the fear of adding extra pressure on your muscles and joints. Swim spas offer space for entertainment and exercise like a pool would, while still providing the relaxing features of a hot tub. Experience the advanced features:

  • Swim flow for athletes and recreational swimmers
  • Benefits of swimming laps
  • Convenient and fun swim training
  • More advanced workout
  • Maintains natural body position during different swimming techniques
  • Tethered aquatic jogging and training
  • Friendly for the entire family
  • Boogie board attachment
  • Versatile resistance band exercises available
  • Integrated rowing and aquatic step master

After you’ve finished your workout you can have a seat and turn on the rejuvenating jets, all without having to exit the swim spa.

The invigorating heat from a hot tub featured in a Hydropool Swim Spa is enough to melt all of your tension away. The powerful bubbling water produced by the jets provide just the right amount of pressure to relax your sore muscles. Regular use of a swim spa can help to relieve muscle soreness and joint pain as needed.


There are so many positive reasons to invest in a swim spa. The benefits of both a hot tub and swimming pool mixed with their convenient size and portability make Hydropool Swim Spas the perfect addition to any backyard, no matter how big or small.

You can contact the experts at SunSpa today to learn about our large inventory of hot tubs and swim spas in Calgary today!

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