Which Hot Tub Is Best For My Lifestyle And Backyard?

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Choosing the right hot tub may seem like a daunting task. With so many makes, models and designs to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Read on for some great tips on picking the best spa for your home, backyard and lifestyle.

1. Available Space

When space is plentiful, then no model is off-limits. If, however, you are working with a smaller area or an awkward space, these factors will determine the size and shape of the hot tub you choose.

Even if you’re able to cram a big spa into a tight space, purchasing a large unit can come with a number of problems from making the hot tub hard to enter and exit to making it hard to clean and maintain.

The first step to ensuring your spa will work well in the space you’ve chosen is to measure the area carefully.

Record your dimensions and use that when you start spa shopping. Knowing the measurements of the prospective area will enable the experts at your local dealership to determine if you need a 2-person hot tub or if you can get away with the next size up.

2. Number of Users

If space is not an issue, your next deciding factor when choosing spa size is how many people will use it.

If it’s just for you or for you and your partner, a small tub may be all you need. If you have children, plan to hit the spa with a few friends or enjoy stretching out, then a 4-person tub is ideal.

Large families or frequent entertainers, however, will best be served by a 6-person hot tub, or larger. Another advantage to having a larger spa is having extra space for aquatic exercising and stretching.

3. Your Needs

It’s important to look at your individual needs when shopping for a hot tub. If, for instance, you’re well above or below average height, having the right hot tub is key to an optimum spa experience.

If you’re quite a bit taller than average, you could find it difficult to keep your shoulders below the water line in a small or average-sized unit. Most 4-person spas, for instance, are about 31 inches deep.

So, if you’re well over six feet tall, you may want to consider a 6-person unit. These models tend to be a bit deeper, making them ideal for those above average height.

If you’re shorter than average, however, even a 4-person unit could make it necessary for you to sit either on the edge of your seat, or up on your knees to keep your chin out of the water.

Those who are less than five feet tall are almost always served best by a two-person hot tub.

Ensure you get the right size for your body by testing them before purchase. A quality spa is an investment, so choose one that will serve you well.

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