6 Things To Do In a 6-Person Hot Tub

family having fun inside a hot tub

Your hot tub is an inviting mecca for yourself and your family.

It’s a fantastic way to relax and unwind all year ‘round, and people of all ages can agree that a hot tub can help you both unwind and bond with your friends and family.

A 6-person hot tub can help you add a social aspect to your downtime – after all, as the saying goes, the more the merrier! To make the most of your 6-person hot tub, try these six fun things that you can enjoy with guests of all ages.

1. Enjoy a Good Movie

Movies aren’t just for your living room couch, you know! Get your spouse and your kids together and pile into your hot tub. Set up a movie screen (safely away from the water) and pick a movie that you can all enjoy.

Snacks aren’t out of the question, either, and cold snacks (such as fresh fruit and popsicles) can be refreshing in contrast to the hot water.

2. Relax and Meditate

If you’d like to use your hot tub to unwind instead of watching a movie, you can instead use it to soak and listen to calming music. You can even add spa-friendly aromatherapy fragrances to help soothe your senses. Make sure your family and guests are all on the same page so you can all enjoy the meditation experience together.

3. Use Waterproof Board Games

Yes, you can play board or card games in your hot tub! Grab some waterproof board games or playing cards and some floating poker chips and have some fun. Checkers and even rummy aren’t off limits on your hot tub game night!

4. Stargaze on A Clear Night

On a calm, cool night, there’s nothing like turning your face to the sky to gaze at the twinkling stars above you. Before you dip into your hot tub, do a little bit of research so you can easily identify any constellations or stars that you may see.

5. Throw a Party

What’s a hot tub without a hot tub party? While you’ll need to take turns soaking in your hot tub, it can make a great central focal point for your next party. Serve simple hor d’oeuvres and set up some music so guests can dance between their turn in your hot tub.

We advise you check and clean your hot tub filter after your party to clean out any trapped food particles and keep your hot tub running at peak efficiency, too.

6. Read a Book

Reading a good book in your hot tub is a wonderfully relaxing experience that can’t be matched. Make sure you’re careful to not damage the pages (we don’t advise using e-books in your hot tub!), or get a special waterproof book for your reading adventures.

Your entire family can have a pleasant reading night in your hot tub together – or move your book club to the hot tub for a change of scenery!

Best 6-Person Hot Tubs in Calgary

Did you think that hot tub activities were limited to just sitting and soaking? If this article inspired you to make the most out of your roomy hot tub, check out our blog for more fun tips and advice for enjoying your spa!

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