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You’ve made the decision to put your health and wellbeing first with the purchase of a hot tub. What could be better after a long day of work and stress than to settle back in your own hot tub and relax while multiple jets of water massage your muscles? Hot tubs are a popular addition to homes and can help add to their resale value–if you make the right choices.

But with all of the spa options out there, deciding which one is right for you can be a daunting prospect. Not to worry. After reading our helpful suggestions, we’re confident you’ll have all the information you need to make the best possible choice. Here are a few points to consider so that your hot tub will add value to your home, and not land you in hot water.


First think about your budget and consider your needs realistically.

Will this spa be mostly for relaxation, family time, entertaining, or pain relief? Do you have level space to fit a hot tub? How many luxury items do you really need? A sound system might be nice, but will you be able to hear the music over the jets? How many jets do you need anyway, and what kind are best for your purposes?

Next consider the size of the hot tub.

A small spa for two or three people might be less expensive at first, but will it end up being too small if your family grows, or if you entertain? On the other hand, is a hot tub for eight too big?

Ask yourself what type of hot tub is best for you.

If you want a spa for health reasons, you might consider a swim spa rather than a traditional, multi-seat hot tub. A Hydropool swim spa is like a swimming treadmill, offering the jet therapy of a hot tub combined with the exercise benefits of a full-size lap pool, for a fraction of a pool’s cost, space, and maintenance needs.


Your space

Whether you choose an indoor or an outdoor hot tub, there is one thing you always need to keep in mind: purchasing a spa that works well in your space.

Before you start shopping, measure the area where the spa would be installed and capture a few pictures of the space on your phone. Armed with measurements and photos, your local hot tub dealer will be better able to advise you on what spas would work best for you.


Not every spa will suit your therapeutic needs. Your height and the way you sit, be it upright or lounging, will have an impact on how effective a particular spa will be for you. And while a huge quantity of jets may seem like a great option, it does not always guarantee a great massage. More jets can sometimes reduce water pressure and jet power.

That’s why it’s essential you try out a spa prior to purchase. Testing out the power and placement of the jets beforehand is key to being completely satisfied with your purchase.


Price is always an important part of choosing a hot tub, but don’t let it be your only deciding factor. Buying a cheap spa without the warranties provided by a reputable dealership is a recipe for disaster. Even if you do find a cheap unit with a warranty, it’s only worthwhile if you’re certain the manufacturer will stand behind it. Choosing a reputable dealer who sells well-known brands — like Sundance® Spas, for instance — does offer peace of mind. The shell structure of your unit, for example, should come with at least a five-year warranty, while equipment and controls should come with a minimum coverage of two years.

Remember, a hot tub is an investment in your home. Make sure it is well protected.


Choosing a spa that’s energy-efficient, like one of the models from Sundance® Spas, will save you money on your electric bills. Make sure the unit you choose has an energy-efficient heater that will transfer the majority of the heat it produces to the water. Also, looking for models with full foam insulation will not only keep your water warmer, but it will better support the actual tub and will muffle the sound of the unit’s inner workings.

Number of jets also comes into play. A large quantity of jets means the spa will have a sizeable pump motor. And the bigger the pump, the more your unit will cost to run. Choosing a hot tub that’s well engineered is far more important than having 85+ jets.


Once you start shopping, ask your customer service representative if you can try out a working spa.

A hot tub that’s comfortable to sit in dry may feel very different when it’s full of water and the jets are going. You will also want to make sure the jets are placed comfortably for you in that model, and that jets are easy to adjust and regulate.

You should always purchase your hot tub from a knowledgeable, experienced, and reputable dealer. SunSpa, the No. 1 provider of the best hot tubs in Calgary, is always on hand to aid our customers in choosing the spa that will work best for them. Contact us at 403-243-8434 or visit our Calgary showroom for more information about our outdoor hot tubs and hot tub features.

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