Hot Tub Water Care Guide


Proper water care for any type of pool can be challenging. It is even harder to maintain proper water care in hot tubs. If the chemicals are not properly balanced, your hot tub could become a breeding ground for bacteria that put your health at risk. This guide is going to go over some simple tips to help you keep your hot tub well-maintained and safe.


This section is going to teach you the role chlorine plays in proper hot tub water care. Bacteria can grow in any standing body of water. Hot tubs are usually heated to 96 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacteria can grow much faster at these temperatures. This is where chlorine comes in. Chlorine is a chemical disinfectant. It neutralizes pathogens in the water. It helps ensure the safety of anyone who uses the hot tub. But it is important to maintain a proper balance. Too much can be dangerous to people. But if there is not enough, it won’t be effective on the pathogens. Chlorine should be maintained at 1.5 to 3.0 parts per million.


This section is going to go over the importance of maintaining a proper pH level in your hot tub. The pH level measures how acidic the water is. The pH level plays two roles in the proper care of your hot tub. It effects the ability of chlorine to neutralize bacteria. When the pH level is off, chlorine will not be as effective against pathogens. Second, having an improper pH balance in your water can cause eye and skin irritation. The water might look cloudy if the pH is too high.


This section is going to cover the importance of maintaining a proper total alkalinity. The total alkalinity is a measurement of alkaline materials in the water. It is vital to maintain a proper total alkalinity level. Total alkalinity plays a direct role in the pH level of your hot tub. If the total alkalinity is too low, your pH level will destabilize.

All of this may seem overwhelming. But with a little practice, proper hot tub care is a simple process. There are tools available to help detect and monitor the chemical balance in your hot tub. While an improper balance could pose a health risk, regular chemical readings will keep you and your guests safe. This peace of mind allows you to sit back and relax.

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