How Often Should I Drain My Hot Tub And How Do I Do It?

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While enjoying some rest and relaxation in your hot tub it might be easy to let one very simple yet extremely crucial detail slip your mind: draining and cleaning your hot tub.

No, cleaning may not be your favorite thing to do. But – to continue using and enjoying your hot tub safely it’s very important to keep it nice and clean.

Once it’s done you can rest assured that you are relaxing in a safe environment.

For more information about cleaning your hot tub, draining it, and the hot tub supplies you’ll need, read on!

Draining Your Hot Tub Doesn’t Take Long

How often you drain and clean out your hot tub really depends on how often you use it. On average, you should aim to completely drain it about three to four times a year. Lucky for you, the time it takes to drain your hot tub is usually around an hour or so.

One hour of time spent cleaning roughly four times a year is only four hours of your time to ensure that you are resting in a sanitary hot tub.

Although completely draining and flushing your hot tub should be done three to four times a year, it should be sanitized weekly and routinely treated with hot tub chemicals. Depending on the brand of hot tub, the hot tub filters should also be cleaned on a monthly basis.

Cleaning the hot tub cover should be incorporated into other cleaning routines. The hot tub cover is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, rain or shine. Using a garden hose to water it down is a common technique to use when washing your hot tub cover and should be done on a monthly basis.

Keeping You Healthy And Safe

Keeping your hot tub clean is important to not only increase the lifespan, but also to ensure the health and safety of anyone who goes into the water. Warm and moist environments are a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other various organisms.

If the hot tub isn’t cleaned regularly enough with hot tub chemicals, these organisms can even move into the insides of your hot tub as well. This creates not only a problem for your hot tub itself, but for you and others inside the hot tub as well.

Unsanitary hot tubs can lead to skin irritations, rashes, and bacterial infections among other health risks. It is always important to consult a physician before and/or during use of a hot tub if you feel these potential risks pose a health threat to you.

Keeping the hot tub sanitary ensures an aesthetically appealing, safe and relaxing environment. For more information about the right hot tub chemicals and hot tub supplies for your spa, contact our experts at SunSpa today.

The Hot Tub Cleaning Basics

Most hot tubs will provide the user with a specific cleaning and maintenance guide. These instructions vary between different brands of hot tubs, although most care manuals cover the same main points.

Most cleaning guides will walk you through the specific steps to flush the lines, drain the hot tub, clean the surface, remove and clean filters, and refill and chemically treat the hot tub. Most manuals will also walk you through the process of isolating and properly treating any problem areas found while performing routine maintenance.

Keeping in mind that these steps vary between different brands of hot tubs. You should always read and use your care manual as a guide when sanitizing your hot tub.

It’s Worth It

Having a warm and relaxing place to soak after a long day is no fun if it isn’t safe to use. To prolong the lifespan of your hot tub and keep everyone inside it happy and healthy it is very important to have a routine and thorough hot tub cleaning schedule.

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