What Hot Tub Size Is Best For Me?

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If you’re ready to join the thousands of other Albertans who are living the hot tub lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

When deciding on the hot tub that will work best for your space, size should be your primary concern. Choosing the right hot tub size will depend on three main factors, including the size of your space, number of family members and their height.

1. The Size of Your Space

If you have a large backyard that has yet to be landscaped, your options will be wide open. If, however, you’re working with a smaller yard or a particular area where the spa must be installed, that space will determine the size of tub you can purchase.

Begin by carefully measuring and recording the dimensions of the space. Whether you’re doing some online research or shopping in a showroom, keep the measurements on hand so you don’t waste time looking at units that are too big.

If you’re having trouble in your search, seek advice from an expert at a local spa dealership. He or she will be able to explain the size and style options available to you.

2. The Number of Users

If you’re not constrained by space, your main consideration will be how many regular spa users you’ll need to accommodate. If you have a large family or plan to use your spa for entertaining, consider a six-person or even an eight-person hot tub if your space allows. If you plan to use your hot tub for physiotherapy or underwater stretching and exercise, a larger model will likely be more comfortable.

If you like room to stretch out, but don’t plan to host friends and family, a four-person hot tub is ideal. It’s compact enough to work in most spaces, but has ample space for a small family.

A two-person spa is a great option if only you and your partner will use it. Its smaller size not only makes it easy to fit into any landscape, but also makes it extremely energy efficient as well.

3. The Height of Users

If you or your family members are above or below average height, choosing the right outdoor hot tub is a bit trickier. Spa seats are typically designed for people of average height so, if you’re quite tall, you may not have sufficient legroom. You could also be forced to hunch down to keep your shoulders submerged. Who wants to do that?

Most hot tubs have a depth of at least 31 inches. If you’re considerably below average height, that could pose a problem. You could be forced to sit on the edge of the seat or, even worse, on your knees to keep your chin above the water.

SunSpa in Calgary

The key is to try out a lot of spas before making a purchase. A reputable spa dealership, such as SunSpa, will let you test drive a hot tub before shelling out any money, so take advantage of that to find the one that will best suit your needs.

SunSpa, the go-to provider of the best hot tubs in Calgary, has a team of experts who are always on hand to aid our customers in choosing the spa that will work best for them. Contact us at 403-243-8434 or visit our Calgary showroom for more information about our outdoor hot tubs and hot tub features.

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