How To Use Your Spa To Recover From An Injury

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If you’re looking for a natural way to help recover from an injury, look no further than your hot tub.

If you’re wondering how soaking in a hot tub can help you heal, allow us to educate you on the wonders of hydrotherapy.

Also known as warm water immersion, this ancient practice has been used for pain relief, as well as to help along the healing and rehabilitation process.

Why It Works

When you’re immersed in water, pressure and weight are naturally lifted from your body. Scientists estimate that anywhere from 75-90% of your body weight is supported in the water.

As that buoyancy reduces the force of gravity, the pressure eases and the injury becomes less painful. This is particularly important if you have a weight-bearing injury.

How It Treats Pain

No one enjoys being in pain. Using your hot tub can really help to ease the discomfort caused by your injury.

Remember, an injury can cause pain throughout your body because the areas that aren’t injured pick up the slack for the area that is. And as your healthy muscles and joints support and protect the wounded area, pain, tension and strain can occur.

Soaking in your hot tub can really help. Not only does the heat and jet massage relieve tension and muscle pain, but it also increases blood flow to injured areas, decreasing swelling and inflammation.

As an added bonus, the pain relief does last past submersion, making it easier to move more naturally.

How It Treats Stress

While an injury may not be associated with mental health, being out of commission can cause stress.   One of the best ways to attack stress is with hot water and massage.

Adjustable jets allow you to change the type of massage you receive so that the areas where you need it most will receive it. As your body heats and your core temperature changes, feel-good endorphins begin flooding your system. Produced by the brain, these hormones can rid your body of pain, stress and anxiety.

How To Make It Therapeutic

Once the healing process has started, and you get the green light from your health care provider, adding some light stretches to your spa time can strengthen your muscles while relieving tension.

Always remember to start slowly and carefully and never move to the point of pain.

As your injury continues to heal, ask your doctor about adding some toning exercises or easy yoga moves to your time in the water. This can really help to strengthen the muscles involved in the injury.

Contact Sunspa Hot Tub Store

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Stop by for a visit at our Calgary hot tub store to speak to one of our experts about choosing the perfect spa or to learn more about the hot tub features of a particular model.

Choosing the right spa is essential not only to your healing but to your overall satisfaction.

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