Using Aromatherapy With Your Hot Tub


Sundance® Spas offer a variety of benefits and features. These benefits can help to improve both your physical and mental health. Using aromatherapy techniques can help you take your hot tub experience to the next level of healing and relaxation. Aromatherapy can appeal to many, as there are a wide variety of fragrances that you can choose from.


Just when you thought you couldn’t adore your Sundance® Spa any more, you discover hot tub aromatherapy.

Adding SunScents™ fragrances to your hot tub water can greatly improve your already enjoyable hot tub experience. Aromatherapy can help your mind to further relax and unwind. Certain fragrances can help to trigger memories that are associated with the scent. Recalling pleasurable or fond memories while relaxing in your hot tub can help alleviate stress and improve your overall relaxation.

Your Sundance® Spa already offers a rejuvenating and healing experience, between the pressure of the jets and heat of the sparkling water. Your hot tub provides a place of peace and serenity. You can truly enhance the healing atmosphere of your hot tub by adding cultivating fragrances.


A hot tub can provide the perfect opportunity to entertain family and friends. A complete hot tub installation can greatly improve the appearance and functionality of your backyard, which might motivate you to entertain guests. Adding SunScents™ fragrances to your hot tub water can improve any social gathering. You can experiment with different scents and see what your guests enjoy most. You can even select your aromatherapy choice based on the mood of the evening. A fun and upbeat social gathering could use a more tropical scent, while an intimate evening could benefit from a soft, romantic fragrance.

You can choose from eight different SunScents™ aromatherapy scents offered at SunSpa:

  • Honey Mango
  • French Lavender
  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • Midnight Jasmine
  • Pina Colada
  • Ylang-Ylang
  • Eucalyptus
  • Summer Rain

These scents can add to a variety of moods. From light and sweet aromas of honey and fruit, to more healing scents like eucalyptus, there is a fragrance to please many!


Aromatherapy healing has been used by humans for centuries. Therapeutic aromas created from plant oils, and various oils mixed with plants, have the power to naturally heal the mind and body. This healing is further enhanced when combined with the benefits of a Sundance® Spa. By using air, rather than liquid, to infuse aromatic bubbles within the water, it can help to maintain your hot tub water clarity. The SilentAir® injection system seamlessly incorporates the fragrance into the bubbling water of your hot tub. The aroma is released slowly and naturally, as to not overwhelm you or your guests with a burst of scents.

There are many healing benefits to having aromatherapy treatments within your hot tub. To explore SunScents™ aromatherapy, or try it out in your own backyard, contact the hot tub experts at SunSpa. Our team can help you to discover different scents and incorporate them into your own backyard oasis. We have a variety of hot tubs for sale in Calgary, and SunScents™ to choose from!

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