Everything You Need To Know About Hot Tub Yoga And More

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Are you looking for a new approach to fitness and relaxation?

Water yoga may be a reasonable solution for you. It combines deep breathing and self-awareness with low-impact physical activity and stretching of the muscles. Water yoga is relatively simple and can be implemented into just about any lifestyle. Each yoga practitioner can take a beginner, intermediate, or expert approach to each pose, whichever is most comfortable for them and benefits them the most.

Read on to learn more about water yoga and discover the benefits.


Water yoga is exactly as it sounds: yoga that is performed in the water.

Yoga is a form of discipline that focuses on the control of breathing, concentration, posture, withdrawal of senses and stamina. Essentially, yoga is a series of physical postures and movements that are designed to purify the body. Yoga provides the yogi (male) or yogini (female) with both the stamina and strength necessary for long meditation sessions.

The discipline formed within each yoga session is meant to refine and polish your behavior in the world around you, ultimately helping you live a better and fuller quality of life.[i]


There are many amazing benefits to practicing yoga on a regular basis. Combining those benefits with the healing properties of the water found in your outdoor hot tub results in a truly unbeatable experience.

According to WebMD, there are many benefits of hot tub yoga, including:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Strengthened muscles
  • Increased cardiovascular health
  • Mental awareness
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Weight maintenance
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Improved symptoms of arthritis[ii]

These benefits are only the beginning. Combined with the heat, buoyancy, and massage from the hot tub, water yoga can prove to offer many amazing benefits to fellow practitioners. Some might even say that practicing water yoga on a regular basis has helped improve their quality of life, while others claim it changed it for the better.


There are many yoga poses that can be adapted to the hot tub.


  • Tree
  • Triangle
  • Warrior I
  • Warrior II
  • Cat
  • Child


  • Eagle
  • Dolphin Plank
  • Chair
  • Cobra
  • Garland
  • Half Lord of the Fishes


  • Lord of the Dance
  • Lotus
  • High Lunge
  • Extended Side Angle
  • Gate

Create your yoga routine based on your level of expertise. We always recommend speaking with a physician before starting any new exercise regimen, including water yoga. Your best health is always our top priority and should be yours as well!


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