4 Signs You Need To Soak In Your Swim Spa

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Easing into your outdoor oasis after a stressful day is the perfect way to relax. Especially when it involves an outdoor swim spa! If you’re feeling unwell, stressed or in need of some deep healing, why not take a soak or swim in your backyard swim spa?

In fact, there are some signs you can look out for that suggest you should take a soak or swim a little sooner than you might think.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you need a long soak in a swim spa!

1. Having Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is essential for your health. When your sleep pattern has been affected, the way your body behaves and reacts will also be hindered.

Sleep is a basic human necessity that allows your body to heal and recharge. Poor sleep patterns can result in weight gain, depression, fatigue and anxiety. Luckily, hydrotherapy can assist with that!

This tried and tested method of relaxation helps to expand your blood vessels, leading blood away from tension building areas, to aid in relaxation and better sleep quality. A daily 20-minute swim spa session can drastically affect the way you sleep at night.

The heat, tranquil rocking motion and sounds of the spa jets, will ease your mind, settle your heart rate and prepare your body for a full night of sleep.

2. Suffering from Tense or Strained Muscles

If you suffer from muscle tension, joint strain, poor posture, or the inability to extend various parts of your body, then you probably need some water therapy to remedy those muscles and joints.

Hydrotherapy is an effective way to remedy back and neck pain, sore muscles, fibromyalgia, and even a stiff neck.

The tension that has built up over time will be soothed and blood circulation and inflammation will be drastically improved, after just a few sessions in the spa.

3. Feeling Overwhelmed or Stressed Out

If you’re feeling particularly stressed out, helpless, frustrated, or anxious, a few sessions in a relaxing swim spa is just the thing for you. Hydrotherapy will help to increase your sense of calm and self-awareness. Not to mention that soaking in a spa can also help to promote relaxation, combatting stress by improving circulation and relaxing the body.

Improved blood flow leads to the natural production of positive endorphins, helping to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Working in front of a computer, or hunched over at a desk, may also build up unnecessary tension that can eventually lead to headaches. These frequent tension headaches can be combatted with regular soaks in a swim spa.

4. You Have an Ongoing Cold

A weakened immune system can be remedied with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and a daily 20-minute spa soak. A regular stint in a heated pool will naturally boost your immunity, since the warm water improves blood flow, distributing oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. This assists with strengthening your body’s resistance to things like the common cold.

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