Proven Signs Your Spa Needs To Be Repaired Immediately

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Does your hot tub require immediate repairs?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Some hot tub issues can be resolved with a little TLC and some elbow grease, while others, unfortunately, require the assistance of a professional. What’s most important is that you understand that if something isn’t working quite right with your spa, it needs to be corrected immediately. Even the smallest repair can lead to something much worse. The last thing you want to do is completely replace your hot tub because a small issue wasn’t addressed.

Before you panic, let’s take a closer look at some of the most common hot tub issues, how they happen, and the hot tub supplies you need to resolve them.


If the water inside your hot tub is anything but clear and sparkling, you have a problem on your hands. You should always be able to see directly to the bottom of your spa, even with the jets on. If the water appears murky, foggy, cloudy, foamy, or has any hint of discolouration, it’s not recommended that you get in.

Instead, review when the last time you cleaned your hot tub, rinsed the filters, shocked it, or used cleaning products was. If it’s been a few weeks or over a month, chances are your hot tub needs to be cleaned.

Depending on the specific problem you’re facing, you may need to either chemically shock the water or drain it completely. If shocking the water doesn’t work, you should drain the tank and give it a thorough cleaning. This includes rinsing with a garden hose and soaking/cleaning with filter cleaner.

If the problem reoccurs even after refilling your hot tub and sanitizing the water, you should call a professional.


Hot tubs will most often give off a slight smell of chlorine due to the chemical balance of the water. It’s completely normal to smell chlorine while you soak, or for your bathing suit and/or skin to smell of it after you exit the water. What isn’t normal, is a pungent, foul smell coming from the water.

If the scent is intense or overwhelmingly offensive, something isn’t right. The root of this problem is usually a dirty filter that hasn’t been cleaned or rinsed, impurities or bacteria in the water, or mould has started to grow.

Your first step should be to give the system a good cleaning. If your hot tub is due for an in-depth cleaning anyway, now is a great time to do it. Start by emptying the tank, then rinse and chemically-treat the filters, or replace if need be. A thorough cleaning of the tank and various components will hopefully resolve the problem or provide you with an opportunity to identify the root of the issue.

Once the hot tub is refilled with clean water, be sure to properly treat the water with the right chemicals. If the smell returns, it could be time to request hot tub service.


Water pooling around your spa is a clear-cut sign that you have a leak. Sometimes the leak isn’t so obvious, especially if the water is draining to grass nearby. Another way to tell if you have a leak is if the water level is drastically lower than it should be.

A leak could be a result of a crack or hole in the casing or a pipe. Regardless, if your hot tub has a leak it is time to request hot tub service and have a professional resolve the problem. Attempting to fix this on your own could worsen the problem or put your health at risk.


Algae growth is most common with hot tubs that don’t have covers, but from time to time can happen in covered spas. Algae growth is usually a result of dirty, old or ineffective filters, or because the water hasn’t been properly treated. Your best bet is to sanitize the water properly and give the filter a good cleaning or replace the component completely.


The whole point of a hot tub, is that the water is hot! If the water is cold or lukewarm, that could be an indication of a problem. First, you should ensure that everything is plugged in and working properly. If your heater has been turned off or power is lost to the hot tub, that is probably what’s causing the issue.

If everything is in working order, chances are your hot tub isn’t heating because the thermostat is damaged or worn-out, or there’s an issue with the pressure. Regardless, this is usually where help from a professional can really come in handy.


The best way to avoid issues with your hot tub is with the right hot tub supplies, hot tub chemicals, and proper maintenance.

This includes:

  • Cleaning it regularly
  • Chemical treatments
  • Rinsing, cleaning, and replacing filters
  • Shocking the water
  • Draining and refilling once every three to four months

Scheduling routine hot tub service can also help prevent big hot tub problems or costly repairs down the line. Taking care of your hot tub can help ensure a quality performance and enhance the longevity. To learn more about the benefits of hot tub maintenance or to find some of the best prices on high-quality hot tub chemicals, hot tub filters and other hot tub supplies, contact our experts at SunSpa.

If you’re having a problem with your hot tub, request hot tub service in Calgary today.

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