Installating a Spa On a Deck

spa on a deck

A spa can be a beautiful addition to your deck when it is properly installed. There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding to add a spa. Follow these simple suggestions and you will have a sturdy, professional-looking hot tub.


Dreaming of having a party of 8 in your new spa may seem like a great time, but stop and consider the cost and available room. An 8-person spa can measure 8’x 8′ and carry 6,000 pounds of water. This is a substantial amount of weight for any one location, especially when a deck is made of wood. Sometimes a smaller size makes more sense.


When you consider the water that is bound to splash around the outside of the spa and the overall weight, proper structural stability is necessary. If you are installing a hot tub yourself, using a concrete slab is the best way to go. Otherwise, hiring a structural engineer and checking with local codes will be needed.


A hot tub uses electricity to power a pump, heat, and lights. Larger units require a dedicated 220-volt, 50-amp circuit. Smaller models do not require this circuit but all models need to have a GFCI. They both must also have an emergency shut-off valve. These items are in addition to the spa unit.


While your new spa may be the main attraction of your deck, leave room for other amenities that further highlight its presence. After retreating from the spa, use a hot tub cover lift to safely secure your investment and hand out thick luxurious towels. A fire pit is perfect for keeping the mood going, or a bar and bar stools with a Sun Brite TV.

Having a spa is a grand way to relax and entertain friends, but be sure and check out all of the codes and installation fees that are associated with adding one to your deck. It takes a lot more than adding water to a spa in order to enjoy its comfort. Call SunSpa today at 403-243-8434 if you would like more information on spa installation.

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