How To Throw The Best Hot Tub Party

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Looking for a unique way to enjoy some quality time with family and friends? Why not throw an exclusive hot tub party? Throwing a hot tub party creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time with your loved ones, while having a relaxing evening. Why not making it really special? This article will show you a few tips, give you some suggestions and help you organize the best hot tub party in a few easy steps.

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Your backyard can easily become an amazing entertainment destination. With a hot tub installed, you’re already halfway there! Hot tubs certainly add value to any space, and they might even help you rediscover the comfort of your own home.

So, why not plan the perfect backyard for entertaining? It all starts with the placement of your hot tub. Make sure that it’s the perfect distance from your home, with available walkways for safety. You can even plan to have entertainment nearby. Create a seating area perfect for lounging, complete with water features, flowers, or even a fire pit. For help planning the perfect backyard, visit our showroom and consult our outdoor specialists at SunSpa in Calgary!


Besides your hot tub, there are many other accessories that will bring your backyard to life, just in time for the perfect party! Make sure to arrange enough seats to properly accommodate your guests, so that everyone’s comfy. You can also make it into a nice backyard BBQ party by firing up the grill or having a fire pit! The possibilities are truly endless.

In some cases, gazebo installations can be great to host parties and can give your guests a nice space where they rest from the summer heat.


It is the details that make things special. Having said that, decorating your home for a party might seem like a silly waste of time, but you would be surprised: it can truly make a difference! Decorations can help you create that uplifting, bright and warm party vibe you are after. They can also help you make your party even more unique. For example, you can add a tropical twist by making it a beach-themed or tiki-themed party!


Many of your guests might forget hot tub essentials like shoes or towels, even if you give them a heads up them that they will need them. Chances are, they will certainly appreciate it if you could offer some spare ones!

Have some of the following on-hand, just in case:

  • Towels
  • Sandals
  • Sunscreen
  • Bugspray

Even if your guests don’t use them, these are some of the best backyard essentials to have around for the summer.


It might sound superficial, but a lot of people will really remember an amazing spread. Serving some good food is the best way to make for a truly memorable party. Remember how to capture your guests: the way to their hearts is through their mouths!

A nice spread of snacks is always a great starting point: nacho chips, dips, guacamole, hummus, crackers, nuts, and candy are always perfect for any party. If you are throwing a BBQ party, you might also consider doing mini sliders: they are a nice novelty food and they can allow guests to choose their own toppings, for some extra fun!

When you’re planning on arranging food and drinks for your guests, make sure you consider their dietary needs. Is there anyone with allergies? Special dietary requirements? Religious food restriction? Make sure that anyone can feel welcome and enjoy a meal or some nibbles without any hassle!


It’s about time to give your party a soundtrack worthy of its awesomeness! Today, there are many great devices and digital platforms that will allow you to bring some awesome musical vibes to the party. You can either set up a playlist from your favorite ones around the web, or you can even use certain apps/services in order to set up a nice collaborative playlist for the party, so guests can also pick some of the songs. Platforms such as Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music or iTunes are perfect for this kind of stuff!

Are you looking for more information or tips? Feel free to contact our team at SunSpa in Calgary, Alberta. You can also browse through our website or visit the dealership for more!

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