How To Clean Your Swim Spa

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Cleaning your swim spa is a very important part of the maintenance process. If you do so correctly, you will be able to largely improve the lifespan and performance of your prized spa, for many years of pleasant enjoyment. Read on to learn more about swim spa cleaning operations and learn how to do it right from the get go!


Cleaning your swim spa is not a purely aesthetic issue. We all like the look of a nice, pristine swim spa, but cleanliness can also prevent many issues, such as filthy water, clogged filters, stains in the swim spa’s chassis and many problems that might affect the quality and durability of your swim spa in the long run.


The process of cleaning your swim spa involves many steps. You will be happy to know that none of the steps are complicated or particularly time-consuming. There are certain tasks that you could perform a couple of times a week. For instance, you can use a net to clean the surface of the water and remove debris, including, leaves, dust, bugs and more. By doing so, you will enjoy cleaner water and you can prevent the risk of debris cluttering up your filters.

Speaking of filters, you should clean them at least once every couple weeks. How often you clean the filters will also depend on the weather and how often the swim spa is used. The more you use it, the more often you should clean them.

When cleaning your swim spa or components like filters, it’s important to avoid using household chemicals, which could damage the spa or be dangerous for people. You can simply rinse most component with water, or even better, you can purchase products that are specifically designed for swim spa cleaning operations.

There is also another important step that involves checking the quality of your water. As you may know, it is very important to make sure that your water will comply to the best standards in terms of chemical composition. Water that has incorrect hardness or acidity can look dirty or murky, and worst of all, it has to potential to damage your swim spa. You can buy test strips in order to check the quality of the water. If needed, you can make up for any excess or deficiency by correcting the water’s balance with specific products.

Depending on the size of your swim spa, you should drain it either once every three to four months, or once every eight to 12 months. Of course, how often you drain and clean your swim spa will depend on how frequently it’s used. Ask the experts at SunSpa in Calgary how often you should drain and refill your specific Hydropool Swim Spas model.


If you want to improve the longevity of your swim spa, you should have it serviced regularly by a professional. Swim spa service can help you avoid issues and provide you with help when trying to identify issues or problem areas.

Some people like to schedule service for their swim spas about once a year, while others prefer to have their swim spa serviced at least once every six months or more. It all depends on your budget, how frequently the swim spa is used, and your specific needs.

If you are looking for additional assistance, tips or information, feel free to contact our team at SunSpa in Calgary or take a look at our online maintenance tips. We offer quick and efficient swim spa service in Calgary.

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