How Much Is a Hot Tub?

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A hot tub can be a wise investment in your health, your quality of life and the value of your home. Buying a hot tub might not be something you are familiar with, as you would be with something like electronics or other standard home improvements. It can be beneficial to have an idea of how much you could potentially be spending on a hot tub, and why.

To learn more about the price of hot tubs for sale in Calgary, contact us at SunSpas today, or request the price of your desired Sundance® Spa.


There are a variety of factors that determine the price range of certain hot tubs. These factors can include: overall quality, size and capacity, featuresaccessories, age, or model. New and used hot tubs also tend to vary in price.

TOP-TIER – $10,000 TO $18,000+

Hot tubs in this price range tend to be the best of the best. They feature the latest in hot tub technology, and will most likely last you a very, very, long time. With superior design and engineering, the make and build of these spas offer many benefits. Not only do they offer reliability and luxurious features, but they tend to be strongly insulated. This can result in lower maintenance costs in the long run, and save you money.

MID-TIER – $5,000 TO $9,000

Hot tubs available in the $5,000 to $9,000 range can offer the same quality as the top-tier hot tubs, but at a lower price. They will most likely offer advanced jet technology, quality acrylic shells, well-built frames and durable equipment. These hot tubs will be designed and engineered to offer the same reliable benefits, with quality materials.

The main differences between top-tier and mid-tier hot tubs tend to be the variety available, the number of features or accessories, and the capacity. These hot tubs are great for those who are seeking a great hot tub experience and don’t require any added extra bells and whistles.

LOW-END TIER – $3,000 TO $4,000

If you are shopping for a hot tub in the $3,000 to $4,000 price range, it’s important to effectively research the brands you are inquiring about. Some brands may offer a hot tub at a lower price, but with lower quality and very few features. These hot tubs may have a short life span or may cost you more money to maintain if they aren’t properly built and insulated.

There are a variety of trusted hot tub brands, like Sundance® Spas, that have hot tubs for sale in the low-end tier price range. To find out more about hot tubs for sale in Calgary in this price range, contact SunSpa today!


It can be beneficial to have an understanding of what requirements your hot tub model needs, in order to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. Deciding factors can include: a combination of capacity and seating, jets, accessories and, of course, price.

If you’re researching certain hot tub models online in preparation for your future investment and installation, there are some resources that may be helpful for your budget. If you have found a hot tub model at SunSpa, that is appealing to you, and has the requirements to meet your needs, you can submit a price request. Simply enter some of your basic contact information, along with the make and model of your desired Sundance® Spa, and a representative will be in contact with you shortly to provide the financial details.

Alternatively, the build & price online tool allows you to personally customize your future Sundance® Spa according to your needs. Once you have built your dream spa, you can see how much it might cost.

For more information regarding the cost of a hot tub at SunSpa, contact us today.

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