Hot Tub Safety Guidelines

hot tub safety

Today, many households in Canada greatly enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing hot tub. Especially during cold weather, soaking in the warm water following a busy day offers the ultimate in comfort. However, experts recommend that homeowners who install this feature follow some simple guidelines to promote safety:


Just like swimming pools, hot tubs require regular water treatment to maintain a healthy environment. Since many people sometimes use a hot tub, it simply makes sense to take precautions that fight unhealthy bacteria and promote greater cleanliness. Experts recommend the following procedures:

  • Ask people to shower before getting into a hot tub;
  • Showering removes suntan lotion, creams and skin oils that might otherwise enter the water and retard disinfection measures;
  • Most owners use either chlorine or bromine to disinfect;
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines for hot tub water treatment;
  • Optimum water pH is 7.2 to 7.8.


Children enjoy hot tubs just like adults. However, they require supervision in this environment. Some safety guidelines to follow include:

  • Prevent children from running or romping around the hot tub to avoid slips and falls;
  • Infants and toddlers should not enter the hot tub due to their greater susceptibility to the heat;
  • Teach children to always keep their heads above water in the hot tub;
  • Due to the heat, children should not remain in hot tubs for extended periods of time;
  • Cover the hot tub with a locked safety cover when not in use to prevent accidents.


Some other safety recommendations from experts include:

  • Water temperature should never exceed 40 degrees Celsius;
  • Avoid falling asleep in hot tubs;
  • Pregnant women should avoid hot tubs without a physician’s recommendation;
  • Avoid using alcohol or other intoxicating substances in a hot tub;
  • Limit duration of hot tub soakings to avoid drowsiness, especially in very hot water.

Adhering to recommended safety guidelines matters. By following correct procedures, homeowners ensure that everyone in the household benefits from the decision to install a whirlpool spa or hot tub. If you have any questions, contact SunSpa today at 403-243-8434. Or simply stop by the showroom at 4201 A-6th Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta to discuss your concerns in person.

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