Hot Tub Gift Ideas For Calgary Spa Owners


Imagine this: It’s snowing outside and you miserably cold inside even with the fire crackling in the fireplace. The phone rings. It’s your best friend inviting you to come on over for a dip in the hot tub. What a perfect way to relax, warm up, and enjoy some great company. How can you thank your friend for extending such courtesy and hospitality? Here are a few gift ideas for hot tub owners.


Do certain scents bring back memories, help with relaxation, or ignite the fires of passion? With the rising popularity of aromatherapy, Sunscent fragrances take the hot tub experience to a different, more exciting level. Scents are diffused into the air and bubbles by the SilentAir dispenser with aromas such as:

  • Pina Colada
  • Eucalyptus
  • Summer Rain
  • Tahitian Vanilla
  • French Lavender
  • Honey Mango


For those who enjoy drinks in the hot tub, a Hot Tub Drink Tray is the perfect gift. This plastic tray includes five circular openings to hold an assortment of drink sizes and to help resist spills.


Keys, cell phones, sunglasses, extra towels and snacks/drinks can be lost or damaged if they come in contact with the water. This Spa Caddy is designed to pivot to the inside or outside of the tub and hold a variety of items. The sturdy construction holds up in all types of weather.


Does the hot tub area need a little something extra for decoration? Wood tone Square Planters add the beauty of natural or artificial plants to the deck or side of the tub.


For adult tub users or children under 5’4″ tall, the affordable SoftSeat cushion attaches to the tub with the use of suction cups to give a much-needed boost in seating and for additional safety. Whether hot tub enthusiasts live in the steamy tropical rainforest or the coldest mountain peaks of the Great White North, these special gifts will make a great impression on the owner and the users. What a great way to receive a repeat invitation for fun!

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