Create a Private Backyard Spa Installation In 3 Simple Steps

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Unless you’re a country dweller or have a sizeable backyard with a lot of trees, privacy is something you’ll want to give some thought to.

After all, not many people enjoy using their backyard spa in full view of their neighbors.

No matter what your challenge — a small yard, lack of foliage and trees, or no privacy fence — there are solutions that can give you privacy and allow you to relax in blissful solitude.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options that can work with a variety of yards and budgets.

1. A Gazebo or a Pergola

If you have the space and some money to spend, a gazebo or a pergola is the perfect way to add privacy to your outdoor hot tub installation.

A gazebo, which is hexagonal or octagonal in shape, is traditionally made of wood or metal and sports a roof. A pergola has a crossbeam or lattice roof supported by at least four posts.

Lattice privacy screens or wooden planking can then be added on one, two or three sides, depending on your privacy needs.

If you have a healthy budget and lots of space, a gazebo is a beautiful place to install your hot tub. Not only do they offer full privacy, but it protects your spa from the elements while lending a touch of elegance to your outdoor living space.

A pergola is perfect for a moderate budget because you will not need nearly as many materials. If you opt for lattice walls or roof, which is cheaper than wooden slats, you can use climbing plants such as ivy or wisteria to enhance your privacy.

Both gazebos and pergolas can be equipped with curtains or walls for added privacy.

2. Trees or Shrubs

If building a structure is too costly, or you simply lack the room for it, you can add more privacy with the simple addition of greenery.

A wall of trees is an easy and effective way to give you privacy while also adding beauty to your backyard space. Evergreens such as spruce or cypress make an ideal screen because they can be grown so close together.

And, because they don’t lose their leaves when the cold weather hits, they keep your backyard spa space private year-round.

If you want to add some traditional elegance to your space, boxwood is for you. This hardy shrub is immune to cold temperatures and can be planted as a hedge or in large pots.

Whichever way you choose to use it, you’ll get a dense privacy barrier.

3. A Privacy Screen

If you want a quick and easy partition to put between your backyard spa and your neighbors, why not opt for a privacy screen?

There are a variety of screen options from an actual wooden wall behind your spa, to using a free-standing garden trellis.

This can be constructed with a simple wooden frame and store-bought lattice. Once in place, plant your favorite climbing plants to enhance your privacy.

You can also use tall wooden shutters. Find some old shutters, paint or stain them in your desired hue, and then screw them together. They make for a rustic yet eye-catching barrier and give you the privacy you need.

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