6 Ways To Engage In Self Care Regularly

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Taking good care of yourself is more important now than ever.

In a task focussed world, taking time for yourself can help to decrease stress and make your job and busy life more rewarding and enjoyable.

Self-care should be focused on you as a whole person, including mental and physical health.

We have rounded up six of the best self-care tips to help jumpstart your personal self-care routine!

1. Breathe in Fresh Air

Taking time out from being inside may be just the thing to rejuvenate your spirit.

Take a walk around your neighborhood, enjoy time on your outdoor patio, or soak in your backyard spa. All of these activities allow you to focus on your breathing while taking in the beauty of nature.

Listening to running water (like the water feature on your hot tub) and enjoying a fire outdoors are some other ways to improve your self-care practice.

2. Include Sleep In Your Self Care Routine

A night of good sleep can contribute to a brighter tomorrow. In an effort to improve the quality of your sleep, try soaking in your hot tub for 30-60 minutes before bed.

The combination of hot water and the rhythmic movements of the jets have been proven to help the mind relax. This contributes to falling asleep easier and staying asleep longer.

3. Bring Exercise to The Forefront

Often times, when we get stressed, our gym time is the first activity to be cut. This is unfortunate but understandable. Exercising in a gym or outdoor releases endorphins.

These endorphins can elevate your mood and decrease anxiety. If sore muscles are what keep you from wanting to work out, consider spending some time in your home spa.

4. Spend Time Away From Electronics

While cell phones and laptops definitely have their place, sometimes it can be beneficial to “unplug” for a bit. This will allow you to connect with those around you, and to really be present in the conversations and moments that surround them.

5. Flex Your Creative Muscle

Working to build something can cause a huge feeling of accomplishment. The physical activity that can be included in this also rewards your body with endorphins. The next time you are planning a self-care day, consider upgrading your outdoor space!

6. Read a Book

Reading has many benefits! There’s the ending to look forward to, character development, as well as twists and turns along the way.

Reading can also help you to develop new viewpoints, as well as learn a new skill. When you are looking to practice some self-care, pick up a book to enjoy outside.

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