6 Things To Prepare Before Your Hot Tub Is Installed

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Congratulations! You’ve made the wonderful decision to install a hot tub.

But now you’re patiently waiting for your hot tub to be delivered, so that you can start enjoying the warm, luxurious water. But what now?

While you’re playing the waiting game, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the arrival of your new spa that will make installation and setup easier.

Don’t risk not being able to use your spa right away with this handy guide for your indoor or outdoor hot tub installation.

1. Start With a Great Foundation

If your hot tub will be indoors, you’ll want to double-check that the foundation in the chosen room will be strong enough to handle a hot tub or swim spa full of water. Adequate drainage is very important.

If your hot tub will be outdoors, the best foundation is gravel with cement over top. This ensures that your tub will not shift over time. Keep in mind additions, too If you will be looking at adding on things later such as an outdoor gazebo, it will be easier to think about that before the hot tub is placed.

2. Plan For Delivery

Is there room to move your hot tub where it needs to go? This is especially important if the hot tub is going indoors. Are doorways and hallways wide enough and tall enough to allow your hot tub to pass through? If you have an outdoor hot tub and a fence, that may present an issue.

3. Set Up The Electricity

Hot tubs need an outlet to operate, and the right voltage may need to be added to your already existing outlets. It’s best to have an experienced electrician check it out before your hot tub arrives so you’re not surprised.

4. What About Supplies?

While you’re waiting for your hot tub or spa is a great time to stock yourself with any supplies or chemicals that you need. You could also plan for actually using your hot tub — do you want outdoor furniture to go with it, or even a new bathing suit?

5. Design Your Deck

Are you designing a new deck or using your hot tub on an existing deck? There may be a few things to prepare and double-check before your hot tub arrives, such as load capacity, sealing, and available space. You also may want steps or benches around your hot tub that will need to be added on.

6. Maintenance Access

No matter where your hot tub is going, you’ll need to leave enough access around the perimeter of the casing for regular maintenance. This may require leaving enough space in between the hot tub and a wall, or even cutting out part of a deck or gazebo to allow access.

Preparing For Your Spa in Calgary

If you’re looking for a great hot tub or swim spa in the Calgary area, please let our friendly team at SunSpa help you today. Just give us a call or visit our showroom, and we’ll help you on your way to having your very own water oasis!

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