3 Ways a Hot Tub Can Help You Tone For The Summer

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Summer is coming. Is your body beach ready? Now’s the time to get in shape, and a hot tub can play a role in your exercise routine.

Below are three ways a hot tub can help you tone your body for the summer.

Hydrotherapy Has a Profound Effect On Your Body

First, the unique nature of hot tubs can help your body get in shape for the summer. Hot tubs use warm water and powerful jets, or hydrotherapy, to relax your muscles. The warm water relaxes your muscles while the jets massage them, resulting in increased circulation and an overall feeling of relaxation.

According to Natural Therapy Pages, the mechanical and thermal effects of hydrotherapy work together to encourage blood flow, improve circulation, and reduce the feeling of pain.

While you’ll still need to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to tone your body for summer, using a hot tub for hydrotherapy as part of your routine is sure to help.

You’ll Be More Motivated To Exercise When You Reward Yourself With a Hot Tub Soak When You’re Done

If you dread working out, you’ll be less likely to actually do it. On the other hand, a hot tub can be a powerful motivator. Use your hot tub as a reward for jogging, bike riding, working out at the gym, attending an aerobics class, or even doing basic exercises in your home.

This tip ties in with the hydrotherapy tip listed above, because the reward (soaking in your hot tub after exercising) brings its own rewards (gentle massage, pain and stress relief, and increased circulation).

You Can Do Low Impact, Body Toning Exercises In Your Sundance Hot Tub Or Swim Spa

When you own a Sundance Spas hot tub, you don’t necessarily need to travel in order to work out. You can do a variety of low impact exercises in your hot tub. The warm water provides resistance, which works your muscles harder and burns more calories.

Because the water provides buoyancy, the exercises you do are easier on your joints than if you did them on land.

Though you could certainly use floating or traditional leg weights, you don’t need any special equipment in order to exercise in your hot tub. For example, you could work out your legs simply by moving them up and down or in and out.

If you do intend to exercise in your hot tub, make sure your hot tub water temperature is between 33 and 37 degrees Celsius, which is considered a healthy range for hot tub exercising. As always, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

Being able to tone your body for summer from the comfort of your home hot tub is another benefit of owning your own hot tub. If you’re considering using your hot tub to get fit, you may want to look into getting a swim spa.

Not only are swim spas an excellent way to exercise, they offer the same benefits of a swimming pool but with a much lower cost and without the space requirements. Either way, owning a hot tub or swim spa can encourage a healthier lifestyle.

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